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Germans Clear Russia in MH-17 Case


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58 Killed, 45 Wounded Across Iraq; Militiamen Boldly Operate Under Own Terms

Iran: Suspected spies arrested near Bushehr nuclear plant




Ebola 2014 Is Mutating As Fast As Seasonal Flu

US Citizen, Press TV reporter dead in car crash near Syria 2 days after Turkey calls her a spy

Did Israel Bomb Iran’s Parchin Nuclear Facility?





18 Sobering Facts About The Unprecedented Student Loan Debt Crisis In The US

“Clueless”, Reaccomodating Fed Spurs Epidemic Of Record Low Yields Around The Globe

FBI launches national facial recognition system

Four Blackwater guards convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 2007 Baghdad shooting


  • 10/22: Iran: Suspected spies arrested near Bushehr nuclear plant
  • 10/22: ISIS Conveniently Develops Air Force as NATO Seeks “No-Fly Zone” Over Syria
  • 10/22: Afghan opium poppy yield hits all-time high
  • 10/22: Four Blackwater guards convicted of voluntary manslaughter in 2007 Baghdad shooting
  • 10/22: Germans Clear Russia in MH-17 Case
  • 10/22: 58 Killed, 45 Wounded Across Iraq; Militiamen Boldly Operate Under Own Terms
  • 10/22: Soldier Shot At Ottawa’s Canadian War Memorial, Parliament On Lockdown, 1 Shooter Killed, Multiple Suspects At Large
  • 10/22: Nexus: “US and ISIL” – a New and Disturbing Turn in Proxy Warfare
  • 10/22: Sweden ready to use force to surface sub
  • 10/21: Ebola 2014 Is Mutating As Fast As Seasonal Flu
  • 10/21: Madsen: Ebola Epidemic Linked to CIA
  • 10/21: Ebola Cases Rise Sharply in Western Sierra Leone
  • 10/21: Ebola serum for Africa patients within weeks, says WHO
  • 10/21: Obama’s Ebola Czar Thinks There’s Too Many People in Africa
  • 10/21: Top Scientist: This Version Of Ebola Looks Like ‘A Very Different Bug’
  • 10/21: Ebola in Sierra Leone increasing to rate of more than 20 deaths per day
  • 10/21: Global Justice or World Domination
  • 10/21: The Globalization of War
  • 10/21: Middle East: The Regional Chessboard
  • 10/21: Turmoil in Hong Kong, Terrorism in Xinjiang: America’s Covert War on China
  • 10/20: US Citizen, Press TV reporter dead in car crash near Syria 2 days after Turkey calls her a spy
  • 10/20: UN Security Council Adds More Tyrants
  • 10/20: UN Biodiversity Conference Pushes Global Resdistribution, Restriction, Regimentation
  • 10/20: The Berlin Wall – Another Cold War Myth
  • 10/20: The Ultimate Goal of the Struggle for the Middle East
  • 10/20: Libya: From Africa’s Richest State Under Gaddafi, to Failed State After NATO Intervention
  • 10/20: Sweden Deploys Army, Air Force, Navy Near Stockholm Over Reported Damaged Russian Sub; Moscow Denies
  • 10/19: Oil Abundance or Oil Curse?
  • 10/19: The World Market and Oil Prices
  • 10/18: American Fight Against Terrorism has Obvious Anti-Russian Undertones
  • 10/18: America’s Chechen Proxy Fighters: The Big Picture Everyone Has Missed
  • 10/18: Hong Kong Protest: Another CIA-Coordinated ‘Revolution’ In The Making
  • 10/18: US War on Iran Takes Bizarre Turn
  • 10/18: Palestine – the Engineered Disappearance of a Nation
  • 10/18: Why Nations (and organizations) Fail: Self-Serving Elites
  • 10/17: Ebola Goes Global: Air France Quarantines 183 After 4 Cases in Madrid, Moscow Monitors 2 Students
  • 10/17: Top-secret space plane lands on California coast
  • 10/17: Washington Admits: FSA Equals Fictitious Syrian Army
  • 10/17: Cruise ship with quarantined Ebola couple returning to Texas after Mexico does not give ‘clearance’
  • 10/17: ISIS Downs Two US Warplanes, Who’s Responsible?
  • 10/17: The ‘data set’ that predicted the Ebola cruise ship problem?
  • 10/17: Cruise ship denied port in Belize as US tries to evacuate Dallas nurse who handled Ebola sample
  • 10/17: Victory: Judge Deprives Monsanto of GM Planting Permit in Mexico, Protects the Bees
  • 10/17: Vladimir Putin Responds To Obama’s “Hostile” Acts: Warns of Nuclear Consequences
  • 10/16: Pin-Prick Air Strikes Won’t Defeat Islamic State
  • 10/16: Iran and the Proxy War in Kurdistan
  • 10/16: Emperor Obama’s Old New Clothes and the US Energy War (II)
  • 10/16: Radiation Levels at Fukushima Rise to Record Highs After Typhoon
  • 10/15: CIA Study: Arming Syrian Rebels Won’t Work; Obama Does It Anyway
  • 10/15: The US has Unleashed a Conflict with ISIS which it Can’t Win
  • 10/15: Emperor Obama’s Old New Clothes and the US Energy War (I)
  • 10/15: Impotence and Contradictions of the Anti-Terrorist Coalition
  • 10/14: United Nations snubs Pakistan on Kashmir issue; refuses to intervene
  • 10/14: American Exceptionalism and Plain Stupidity
  • 10/14: Obama, Malala and the Militants America Put into Power
  • 10/14: ‘Leverage year': Monsanto executives on why the $156 million earnings loss doesn’t matter
  • 10/14: The Complete Membership List of the US-Ukraine Business Council
  • 10/14: Turkish Airstrike Hits Kurds, Not ISIS
  • 10/14: Sweden close to being cashless society: report
  • 10/14: 10,000 new Ebola cases per week could be seen, WHO says
  • 10/14: Ebola-infected UN doctor dies in Germany, 41 more monitored
  • 10/13: Iraq: ‘ISIS’ bombings target Kurds, security, kills at least 58, plus senior police chief – VIDEO
  • 10/13: Suspected Ebola carrier wrapped in plastic after Czech police seal off rail station (VIDEO)
  • 10/13: Ripple Effects Begin: Dubai Crashes Over 6.5%, Most In 14 Months
  • 10/13: Global Equity Shock as “Captured” System Starts to Crack
  • 10/13: Serious Financial Trouble Is Erupting In Germany And Japan
  • 10/12: Putin ‘orders Russian troop pullback’
  • 10/11: Iraq: Bombings kill 45 in Shi’ite areas of Baghdad and outskirts
  • 10/11: Staff protest, throw gloves at Spain PM at hospital where nurse caught Ebola – Video
  • 10/11: Saudi Arabia Unleashing ‘Systematic and Ruthless’ Repression Against Dissenters: Report
  • 10/11: War for Kobane: 13,000 terrified Kurds trapped between Isil and Turkish border
  • 10/11: As ISIS Slaughters Kurds in Kobani, the U.S. Bombs Syrian Grain Silos
  • 10/11: Secret Russian spy base in Syria seized by Western-backed rebels
  • 10/10: 4000 Ebola deaths, US troops in Liberia, Sierra Leone burial teams, NYC plane cleaners strike
  • 10/10: Kenya closes border with Uganda over Ebola fear
  • 10/10: Spanish club orders player back from Africa over Ebola fears
  • 10/10: China builds military airstrip on disputed island
  • 10/10: No Ebola Humor: Joke on flight prompts Hazmat response to passenger – VIDEO
  • 10/10: Lieberia? “Liberia bans journalists from Ebola centers” confirming earlier rumors
  • 10/10: 20 Times More Ebola Aid Needed: UN Chief Ban Ki-moon
  • 10/10: Stocks Bounce On Report Ukraine, Rebels Sign “Demarcation Line” Deal
  • 10/10: ISIS now controls 40% of Kobani – top US official
  • 10/09: MH-17 Report False Flag Exposed After Revelation Passenger Was Wearing Oxygen Mask
  • 10/09: Suicide attack kills 43 in Yemen capital
  • 10/09: “Clueless”, Reaccomodating Fed Spurs Epidemic Of Record Low Yields Around The Globe
  • 10/09: Did Israel Bomb Iran’s Parchin Nuclear Facility?
  • 10/09: India: Pakistan again violates ceasefire in 3 sectors along border, BSF gives ‘strong reply’
  • 10/08: US Airstrikes Kill 22 Civilians in Iraqi Market
  • 10/08: New York Times: Some May Carry Ebola Without Showing Any Symptoms
  • 10/07: SWIFT: ‘No authority’ to cut Russia, Israel from global payment system over sanctions
  • 10/07: Pakistani Troops Violate Ceasefire 9 Times in Four Days
  • 10/07: Deutsche Bank’s Shocking Admission: “QE In Europe Will Be Ineffective”
  • 10/07: Japan Admits It Has Entered A Triple-Dip Recession
  • 10/07: ISIS’ Ammunition Is Shown to Have Origins in U.S. and China
  • 10/06: Spanish Ebola-Infected Nurse Is First Case Of Contagion Out Of Africa; Salzburg Activates Ebola Emergency Response
  • 10/06: Sierra Leone Records 121 Ebola Deaths in a Single Day
  • 10/06: Explosion at Iran nuclear facility where IAEA inspections denied, windows shattered miles away
  • 10/06: UN October Summit Reopens Grab for Global Internet Control
  • 10/06: Twin blasts kill 30 Kurdish fighters in Syria: monitor
  • 10/05: Ebola Humor? Rapper Akon crowd surfs in a plastic bubble, accused of avoiding virus
  • US News

  • 10/22: Land Of The Free? 1 In 3 Americans Are On File With The FBI In The US Police State
  • 10/22: New Ebola Study Supports WHO Findings: A 21-Day Quarantine is Not Long Enough
  • 10/22: Most Vaccines Contain Cancer-Causing Ingredients, But What More…?
  • 10/22: Fluoridated Water Calcifies Your Arteries: Study
  • 10/22: Scientists: Humans Are ‘An Infection’ And Ebola Is Earth’s Immune Response To Consume All The Human ‘Meat’
  • 10/22: Market Turmoil Ahead? ‘Fear Index’ Shows Unprecedented Activity
  • 10/22: Census Report: Half of Americans Poor or Near Poor
  • 10/22: Martial Law in America: Fearing a Future Emergency, Governors Declare a State of Emergency
  • 10/22: Profits Before Health: The Next Chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  • 10/22: Obama Chip to PIN Exec Order Brought to You By Visa & MasterCard
  • 10/22: 10 Things About The U.S. News Media That They Do Not Want You To Know
  • 10/21: U.S. to funnel travelers from Ebola-hit region through five airports
  • 10/21: Who was Changing America and What Came out of It: the Leftist View
  • 10/21: The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP): Increased Patent Protection for Big Pharmaceutical Companies
  • 10/21: Is the US Ready to Trigger WWIII?
  • 10/21: Is The US Government The Master Criminal Of Our Time?
  • 10/20: 19 Very Surprising Facts About The Messed Up State Of The U.S. Economy
  • 10/20: Ebola? How Do You Know, WHO and CDC?
  • 10/20: America’s Jihad
  • 10/20: Police State USA: Feds Continue Orwellian Surveillance of Social Media
  • 10/20: “Ebola Cruise” Returns To Texas After Suspected Healthcare Worker Cleared
  • 10/19: US Economy Safety Margin Tested as Oil Prices Go Down
  • 10/19: CNN Spreads Lies About Radio Giant on Ebola
  • 10/19: Why Airport Screening Won’t Stop Ebola, The Economist Explains
  • 10/19: Obama Announces CDC SWAT Teams To Round Up Infected People
  • 10/19: Fraud and Manufactured Ebola Paranoia in the United States
  • 10/19: Shadow Facts About Shadow Government
  • 10/18: Are We Worrying About the Wrong Virus?
  • 10/18: Government Indifference Compounds Ebola Disaster
  • 10/18: Ebola Travel Ban Now!
  • 10/17: U.S. is Responsible for the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa: Liberian Scientist
  • 10/17: CDC Now Admits You CAN Get Ebola On a Plane Or Bus
  • 10/17: HAZMAT responds to Ebola scare at Pentagon, woman ‘recently arrived from Africa’ vomits on bus
  • 10/17: “Travelers, Say Bon Voyage To Privacy”
  • 10/17: Feds: Blacks Suffer Most From Fluoride, Fluoridate Anyway
  • 10/16: Researchers Expect Over 20 US Ebola Cases In Weeks, “You Don’t Want To Know Worst Case”
  • 10/16: The Varnish of Vietnam. The United States Still Hasn’t Stopped Trying To Win Unwinnable Wars
  • 10/16: Schools in Ohio, Texas closed over Ebola fears
  • 10/16: Ebola Bombshell: New WHO Report Clearly Shows 42 Day Incubation Period, Not 21
  • 10/16: Stocks Plunge 460 Points on Quantitative Easing (QE) Exit
  • 10/16: FEMA Conducting Pandemic Drills Amidst Ebola Crisis
  • 10/16: Why the State Has Failed to Reform Our Broken Financial System
  • 10/15: The Roll Out of the Hitler Youth Movement Through the Common Core Invasive Data Mining of Our Children
  • 10/15: ‘Clipboard Man’ with no protection too close to Dallas Ebola nurse before airlift? (VIDEO)
  • 10/15: Pentagon Pushes Climate Hysteria to Justify Globalism, Waste
  • 10/15: Thanks To Obama’s Incompetence, Ebola Is Now Out Of Control In America
  • 10/15: If A Few Ebola Cases Can Make The Stock Market Crash This Much, What Would A Full-Blown Pandemic Mean?
  • 10/15: More Texas Ebola: Amarillo hospital on ‘lockdown’, patient displaying possible symptoms of virus
  • 10/15: CDC Demands 132 Passengers That Flew With 2nd Ebola Patient Report For Testing
  • 10/15: Second Ebola-Infected Nurse Identified, Was Symptomatic With 99.5 Degree Fever While Flying
  • 10/15: The High Cost of Living in a Police State: US Officers Shielded from Justice
  • 10/15: Report: PATIENT #3 SUSPECTED IN DALLAS: Nurse’s Boyfriend Quarantined
  • 10/14: US Army drafts blueprint for World War III
  • 10/14: 12 Charts That Show The Permanent Damage That Has Been Done To The U.S. Economy
  • 10/14: 9 Ominous Signals Coming From The Financial Markets That We Have Not Seen In Years
  • 10/14: Ebola and the Danger of Globalization
  • 10/14: The ‘affordable’ robot bartender
  • 10/14: Man killed in Iowa plane crash was Libertarian party candidate for US Senate
  • 10/14: ‘Terror threat': Los Angeles quarantines city bus, driver after masked man yells “I have Ebola”
  • 10/13: Bid to Solve 9/11 Mystery Via NYC Ballot Ends After Court Ruling
  • 10/12: Dallas hospital worker who treated Duncan contracts Ebola, first US human to human transmission
  • 10/11: Pink drill bits: Oil services firm pinkwashes fracking despite industry links to cancer
  • 10/11: Dow Turns Negative For 2014: Stocks Suffer Worst Week In 3 Years
  • 10/11: NIH: “We May Have to Vaccinate Whole Countries to Stop Ebola Outbreak”
  • 10/10: Agenda 21 land grab? Obama Designates San Gabriel Mountains National Monument
  • 10/10: New York Times Admits Wages Haven’t Grown in 15 Years, Worst Since Great Depression
  • 10/10: Ebola Pandemic Update: Probable Cases In Brazil And Paris, 7 More Isolated In Spain, WHO Warning
  • 10/09: CDC Suggests “Hermetically Sealed Coffins” For Ebola Victims – AKA “FEMA Coffins”
  • 10/09: Black Teen Shot At 17 Times, Killed By White Cop Just Miles Away From First Ferguson Shooting
  • 10/08: Dallas Ebola: Duncan dead, sheriff forced to enter virus-laden home hospitalized with ‘symptoms’
  • 10/08: Connecticut Governor Declares State of Emergency Over Ebola as a Precaution
  • 10/08: Fighting ISIS: $1.1bn already spent, ‘30 years of war’ to come
  • 10/08: “Genetic Strains of Ebola that have Never been Seen Before”. Media Lies and US Government Coverup
  • 10/08: NASA tests hibernation tech for future Mars mission
  • 10/08: Billion-Dollar Lawsuits Claim Syngenta’s GM Corn Ruined Sales to China
  • 10/08: Wal-Mart cuts insurance to part-timers, raises premiums day after plan to offer coverage in-store
  • 10/07: US Hiring Plummets Most Since June 2010, Fewest Hires Since Polar Vortex Ground Economy To A Halt
  • 10/06: FBI Used Anonymous Hacker Sabu to Attack UK, Iran, Iraq and 28 Other Countries
  • 10/06: Seattle replaces Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day
  • 10/05: Florida: West African child hospitalized locally amid Ebola concerns
  • 10/05: Cops Label Cop Watch Groups Domestic Terrorists
  • 10/05: Dallas Ebola: Police search for homeless man who rode in ambulance after first patient
  • 10/05: Dallas Ebola patients slips from serious to critical overnight
  • 10/05: US doctor ‘recovered’ from Ebola back in hospital isolation with ‘respiratory illness’ not virus
  • 10/04: CDC Hazmat crew removes vomiting Liberian from Brussels to Newark flight, Ebola ‘unlikely’
  • 10/04: Dallas Paramedic: We Weren’t Contacted After Working in Ebola Exposed Ambulance
  • 10/04: Dallas Schools to Install Remote Temperature Monitors to Detect Ebola
  • 10/03: Labor Participation Rate Drops To 36 Year Low; Record 92.6 Million Americans Not In Labor Force
  • 10/03: Ebola: Tests in DC & Georgia jail, friend of Dallas victim tracked, now 4000 US troops to Africa
  • 10/03: Dallas Ebola circus: 4 people living with victim quarantined in unsanitized apartment
  • 10/03: ‘CDC IS LYING': In Protest, Doctor Wears ‘HazMat’ Suit To Board Atlanta Flight
  • 10/03: NBC News Freelancer in Africa Diagnosed With Ebola
  • 10/02: Goldman Global Leading Indicator Drastically Revised, Collapses Into “Confirmed Slowdown”
  • 10/02: Hawaii: Patient in isolation, officials say Ebola a possibility
  • 10/01: Second person being monitored for Ebola
  • 09/30: Study Finds Treated Fracking Wastewater Still Too Toxic
  • 09/30: Week before: “meeting of all stakeholders that might be involved in the care of [an Ebola] patient”
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