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The essence of the information war is the timely interjection, distortion or omission of news events. Reports can minimize, omit or basically bury key news stories that require analysis while magnifying others which are of lesser importance to the keen, analytical mind.

While the Batman massacre is tragic, the buzz in the so called alternative media circle is centered around the litany of ongoing stories that will be stifled in the week to come by the mainstream media’s focus on the Aurora, CO shooting. Beyond that, the analysis you read here is not all presented as 100% fact, some conclusions are presented in light of other evidence, and where noted, some are speculative based on educated theory. In this era of total media bombardment, to the point of overload, some events have to be considered beyond just what is confirmed in print or on video and must be evaluated in the full context of possible human behavior.

1. The American Opposition To The UN Arms Trade Treaty (AKA Small Arms Treaty)

This meme circulating Facebook that comments on the highly suspicious timing of this horrific event really should put it in perspective how fishy things are about to get.

Batman meme

The controversy is brewing over wide speculation that this was a false flag “terror” event and massive psychological operation, not just directed at the American ppl, but the sentiment towards America’s guns around the world.

If you are new to this realm of news, in short, that last sentence means this event may have been planned and executed by people with an agenda, possibly with ties to or within government and/or intelligence agencies. The suggestion of this may be repulsive to you, but there is a long history of staged terror by governments.

Analysis of the tell-tale signs of a seemingly staged event can be found at Natural News and Infowars, among other sites. For the sake of brevity in this article, we encourage you to read those breakdowns. We are just briefly parsing the correlation and timing of this event with the roadblocks in the way of the UN treaty.

Does this look like something a broke PhD student could afford?
Batman gear

First, consider the large scale opposition in America to an international shredding of the Second Amendment that crystallized when 130 lawmakers sent a signed letter to President Obama expressing serious concern. Since then, many mainstream news outlets like Forbes and the DC Examiner have expressed concern in the “fine print” as stated by the Examiner’s Dave Workman. Even the sometimes news “manufacturers” over at Fox News are increasingly concerned by this. Alex Jones remarked Sunday that everything else aside, one undeniable fact is that recently there has been heavy coverage of the Second Amendment issues created by this UN treaty prior to the Aurora, Colorado shooting. The Heritage Foundation noted the treaty would affect “Legally Owned Weapons” back in June despite UN efforts to dispel Second Amendment fears with it’s “Myths and facts”. They even went as far to say watch out for “U.S. taxpayer-funded funded U.N. propaganda in a newspaper near you”, in the same article.

The most obvious concern in alternative media is the way the Batman massacre will be exploited by the New World Order, globalists or others that further their cause, or simply those that want to eliminate guns for the masses, but not for their own security. This hypocritical narrative is one often overlooked by supporters of various levels of added gun regulation or outright bans. The globalists are experts at this kind of manipulation of public opinion. Many are attracted by the “promise” of increased safety, but the picture below should give you pause for concern. It had been circulating the internet on Facebook and alternative media circles prior to the Batman massacre.

Gun Free Zone

This one going around afterwards.

outside theater

FB link

This article highlights the various elements of this treaty including bans, confiscation and other restrictions, with further analysis here. Gun destruction is another reality occurring that would expand, see the 600 small arms and light weapons recently destroyed in Ivory Coast in the wake of ongoing political turmoil being “fixed” by UN intervention. Disarming the people is another benefit of a globalist occupation of countries now (Sound like an American future?).

In this charged atmosphere, extreme things are said and put into action and maybe it’s important to keep these themes and memes in mind?

2. The Post-Batman Massacre rampage by Anaheim, CA police that you haven’t heard about

While the media circled around the Batman massacre, Anaheim PD responded to a call which led to a foot chase and eventual shooting of the suspect. The neighborhood was outraged upon learning the details and began to protest, some reports say they began to get violent, allegedly surrounding the officers trying to finish the crime scene investigation.

The way it sounds, both police and residents were out of hand. This occurred in a high minority area where there is a tense relationship between them and the police and was made worse by the questionable circumstances of the shooting. The controversy is mainly over the indiscriminant firing into the crowd which included numerous children. Numerous protesters raised their shirts to reveal welts from “non-lethal” rubber bullet rounds and pepper balls.

There are conflicting reports of what happened, reports say the crowd had varying levels of disorderly citizens. NBC LA reports some wreckless police actions including a police dog getting out of a squad that attacked a stroller with an infant and then a bystander who was “mauled” while saving the infant. They also report discrepancies in the crowd actions compared to other reports and possibly misconduct regarding the shooting of the suspect.

“He was shot first in the back,” she told NBC4 through tears. “He was down. Then they shot him the second time. Then they shot him in the head.”

Other reports mention he was shot in the buttocks and then “struck in the head”

Then consider this from the LA Times

“After the shooting, and while police were investigating the incident, Dunn said a group of people encircled the officers and began throwing things, including bottles and possibly rocks, at them.
Police used non-lethal rounds and pepper balls on the crowd, Dunn said, and at least one person was detained.
One harrowing moment was when a police dog somehow got free from an officer’s car and went at several people. Dunn said it was unclear if anyone had been bitten or injured. “The officer was quickly able to get the dog back into the vehicle,” Dunn said.”

That reads very different from the NBC LA story and even the middle of the road ABC story. There’s reports of people lining the streets with trash cans, setting dumpsters on fire, even throwing a mattress on the debris pile. Those reports couldn’t all be confirmed, even with video of the events.

It seems apparent also from this video that the crowd of protesters weren’t exactly angels. It’s reasonable to assume that in a large crowd, there will be at least one instigator or even idiot. There may be a person that simply makes a bad choice to throw something, it’s just the law of averages and random distribution.

The police chief was quoted as saying “Transparency is essential. Whatever the truth is, we will own it.” With that said, what’s more alarming possibly is the report from the Raw Story.

According to reporter Jay Jackson, dozens of people were filming the event with their cellphones, and four different people told him “that police officers offered to buy their video from them without any explanation.”

If that’s true, it’s troubling since there should be no reason to buy the videos. Whatever the videos show will not change, short of something extraordinary, so whatever happens to the video should be ok with the police department. When the tape eventually comes out, it should parallel the investigation, again, leaving no reason to attempt to buy the videos. So why attempt to buy it? The ultimate point is that one article or news report generally will not give you enough info to form a consensus. If one really wants to know what happened, one must consider all angles, ask reasonable and sometimes seemingly unreasonable questions.

3. The Middle East is a powder keg more than ever as WW3 looms, possibly beginning in Syria:

The Syria situation is dragging on, and here is a good explanation of the disinfo coming out of the region. Things have been exacerbated by Syria shooting down a Turkish jet that crossed into it’s airspace. Fears were heightened with Turkey being a NATO member. Since then, the globalists trying to destabilize Syria have turned up the heat with fake WMD threats and after shenanigans like the false flag massacre at Houla and trying to kill journalists haven’t worked out to an international solution even after the evil Kofi Annan’s efforts.

Over the last week, rebels seize 3 border crossings amid new fronts in Aleppo and the capital Damascus.
Now comes the news that Turkey moves missile batteries to the Syria border.

The globalists want it and Russia isn’t backing down starting with keeping their lone naval port outside of Russia.

4. The Bulgaria bus bombing that supposedly targeted Israelis

Israel routinely stages terrorist attacks, see that earlier guide to government terror. Now a bus blows up in Bulgaria and Israel seeks to lay it at the feet of Iran. They are just itching to get the war started. This article highlights the motives and evidence

5. Hillary Clinton’s “unreported” assassination attempt

In a strange twist, there are hazy reports of an assassination attempt on Hillary Clinton in ISRAEL. It wasn’t reported by western media, mainly by Arabic news channels. It’s easy to understand why Israel wouldn’t want to look weak by letting that report get out. If it did happen, why not tell the American people? It clearly came out in the rest of the media. So who’s lying? No denial from the government?

6. Iran and Straits of Hormuz news

This one is halfway between war and economic risks. We won’t bore you with the BS of nuclear negotiations. More interestingly, this article really says it all, 3 US Navy aircraft carriers now in the Middle East with fourth en route. The rhetoric from Israel and the US makes it clear that regime change will come and that’s all over the web so we’ll move on to a possibly more short term threat. The Straits of Hormuz concern flared a few months ago but that seems like old history given when the economy has gone since then. Basically, Iran recently outlined the capabilities to shut down the strait where almost 20% of the world’s crude oil passes through daily.

The Saudi’s reopened a pipeline bypassing the straits carrying possibly 40% of that oil volume. That would take some pressure off, but it’s unclear how much if Iran actually blocked the straits.
Naturally, oil would spike. It is not guaranteed this would happen given the deflationary environment of markets which is helping to suppress oil and other commodities but these markets are very sensitive to shock as evidenced by the 3% spike in a few hours on a false rumor that Iran had blocked the straits back in December 2011.

A well laid war propaganda campaign can sustain the fear level in the “market” necessary to drive a war premium on crude oil. After all, the “market” is just people, some more powerful than others with high speed trading computers, when people get scared, silly things happen and the computers can really exacerbate that. For evidence of this trend you need look no further than the “Flash Crash” where the DJIA plunged 1000pts before mostly recovering within a few hours when everyone figured out nothing was actually happening and it was a mistake. Irreversible damage can be done in an event like this, just ask the regular guy that lost $17,000 b/c of very poor timing.

7. Weather Weapons

As if the Middle East wasn’t already tense enough, Iran has been making noise about weather manipulating weapons being used as warfare. It’s proven and admitted that there is US weather manipulation happening, realistically it is probable that those weapons are being aimed at Iran. Given the drought conditions persisting that have plagued Russia and the US this summer, with China’s capabilities maybe this weather warfare is global.

8. The Drought, Heat Waves Killing Corn, Soy, Wheat Crops Around The Globe

The drought is killing crops all over and is driving fears of a full blown food price spike, the likes of which last time drove social unrest (riots) in the Middle East and Africa. The US was largely spared in comparison, but probably not this time. US corn crop takes huge hit as drought set to cut world corn supply by 60 million tons and soybean fields are in the worst condition since 1988.

What does that mean for Main Street? Record food prices to come, and this is just a wild guess, but say right in time for the US presidential elections just over 100 days away. With corn, soybeans and wheat affecting virtually every non-fruit/veggie food, Americans will feel the pinch. Feeling patriotic?
Russia cuts crop forecast, namely wheat. The supply pinch along with the rest of the economy going haywire, especially this morning, will breed serious trouble.

9. The Global Debt Crisis Flu is back

Deleveraging is the name of the game as the crushing amount of world debt is weighing on virtually every sector of the global economy. Central banks can’t fix the problem as they have reached the “Inflate Or Die” stage, where they can’t stop inflating or we get horrible deflation which keeps creeping back, as explained here. While this hasn’t completely hit Main Street America yet, it will.


10. Global pressure building again in global financial markets

The economic collapse risks can be parsed all day, just understand that the fear trade is returning because nothing positive is stopping it, governments are scrambling to keep up with budgets and roll over debt in a tough market and everyone everywhere that plays in the market sandbox is searching for yield or just some security in the return of their money.

The euro fell through $1.21, and the lifetime average versus the dollar. The euro also slid heavily against the Japanese Yen, hitting lowest level since 2000. A lot of money wants to be in US dollars right now and some are speculating that this may be a dangerous trend. The reversal of this trade could usher in a serious devaluation of the US dollar, possibly doing permanent damage.

Bonds are one of the most up to date trackers of this market pressure. German bunds for 10yrs approaching the record low again at 1.13%. Spain 10 yr bonds hit another record of 7.45%, 2 year notes climb over 6%. This only leads two places, bailout or bankruptcy. As ZeroHedge coined the phrases on twitterfrom #Spailout to #Spanic to #Spankruptcy. It’s #SpanicDepressive.

Some 12 countries have seen multiple bond records, including NEGATIVE real yields. The extreme nature of this is simply explained by the fact that instead of being paid interest in buying bonds, you are taking a small discount, in effect paying these governments to hold your money and safely return most of it, let that sink in.

All of these trends are against the backdrop of all the major economies slowing down at the same time, while some would argue parts of Europe have been in depression for 2 years now. These trends really can’t be bargained with, you just have to get out of the way. Most people playing in the market can’t wrap their head around this because the concept is so crazy to them because it doesn’t fit into the short term trading culture that pervades Wall Street. Economic collapse risks are real and worse, as more wake up to that, the collapse will speed up as money starts to run scared.

11. China economy out of steam? Releases more fraudulent economic data?

The last few months have seen vigorous debate about whether China’s economy is crumbling with the real estate crisis and industry taking a hit. The en vogue topic lately is the farcical nature of their “official data”. If you believe the halfway positive numbers coming out of China, we have a bridge to sell you. Then again, if you believe our unemployment figures are an accurate representation of our jobless ranks, well…

12. Spain

The protests in Spain have reached a fever pitch lately as just recently more than 1 million people protested in 80+ cities.
Local regions are having serious trouble accessing credit markets, especially in short term durations which means those governments pay more to borrow.
Youth unemployment is well documented at above 50% by the New York Times and others.

As Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu reported this morning, the sentiment has caught up with reality and is now trending from recession to depression.

13. Italy

While Italy has similar problems as Spain, they are not quite as urgent, but are nothing to ignore. Recently, the famous Sicily province had to seek a bailout from the government.
Local Sicily head quits over problems
PM Monti has showed signs of straining at his mission to enforce technocratic banker control over a major portion of the EU economy. ZeroHedge brilliantly asks and answers the question, Can Super Mario hold it together?

This list spotlights 10 cities “on verge of financial collapse” including Lazio.

Maybe they should get a hold of the fake Italian Olive Oil scams of many kinds.

14. Greece

The main news here is that the Greece Euro exit rumors are back. As hard as it is to put aside the plight of the Greek people, this has global ramifications, the effects of which are unfathomable to most. The visual metaphor of these economic troubles as dominoes falling may be best expressed by this video of human-mattress dominoes. If only the human carnage that could be caused was this benign.

15. Eastern Europe, Cyprus and Depression Level Numbers

Zero Hedge proclaimed 2 years ago that Eastern Europe is already in a depression and getting worse still.

Now Cyprusnext after seeking loans from China, Russia and the European Union.

16. The LIEBOR wave

The LIBOR scandal which began in England with Barclays and quickly spread to other banks as it became apparent that it takes two or more entities working in concert to accomplish this.
This is halfway to the criminal definition of conspiracy and as pointed out by Zero Hedge, this is where conspiracy theory of financial markets being rigged meets conspiracy fact.
Now it has spread to the big Euro banks.

The LIEbor wave started washing up on US shores with Congress looking at the megabanks.

The Federal Reserve made a savvy PR move and got out in front by admitting they knew in 2008

Now there is the threat of mass US libor arrests. There has been talk of coming mass arrests and actual mass resignations in some wreckless conspiracy circles for a while, but they are starting to come to fruition.
Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was allegedly detained, questioned and released earlier this year. As Max Keiser suggests, maybe this is the big one?

Some thoughts onoil market manipulation and gold manipulation

The big losers in all this? They are many and varied, but a lot of them have a common theme. They are US cities (Baltimore and Stockon, CA), counties like Alabama’s Jefferson and maybe states? We already know what it does to countries like Greece.

17. Growing Cracks In American Economy

After all of the economic woes documented in Europe, if you are smiling in America, you probably won’t be after reading this section. It’s easy to be bearish, but this is practical. The absent manufacturing capability will not drive job growth, neither will the party-line talking points. America needs a new growth industry. This is evidenced by the opposite directions of the skills required for a 21st century workforce and the skills that America’s workforce currently has. Thousands of college students with worthless degrees in subjects that don’t matter, then there’s the dropout rate, declining ability of those that only graduate high school and worse, the masses of people that have checked out of the employment search and turned to government aid, disability or crime. A microcosm of the non-recovery we’re experiencing. “The economy has created 2.6 million jobs since June 2009, fully 3.1 million workers signed up for disability benefits.” That is emblematic of the American breakdown, between poor health and a rotting economy. Some will say this description is unbalanced, but the problems we have will not be solved with the litany of food sector jobs, the service industry by extension nor the general trend of hourly positions. You can only have so many hairdressers, waitresses and call center jobs. As the ranks of the poor swell, the food crisis will exacerbate their misery.

18. Paul Volcker’s Concerns For US Municipal, State Governments (Video)
The “legend” with a very important rule named after him, talks of cities, counties and states going broke, just like Meredith Whitney who was villified for it.

Scranton, PA recently announced all city workers must go to minimum wage to avoid bankruptcy.

Detroit is of course the poster child for economic collapse and4 urban decay. At a minimum, 20% of the city is being stripped of certain “luxuries” like trash pickup and police presence. The street lights are going dark in LARGE sections as a cost cutting method.

19. Now the state poster child for economic collapse: California starting to melt

Zero Hedge mapped out how 700,000+ could be dumped off extended unemployment benefits and right or wrong, that’s real bad for the economy. The state always seems to be perilously close to running out of cash due to budget woes and tax receipts plummeting.

3 sizable cities have filed for bankruptcy in the last 2 months, starting with Stockton, then ski resort Mammoth Lakes and finally San Bernardino.

Here’s a good explanation of why and how this is happening.

The infamous Compton is now in serious trouble and many expect them to be next to file by September 1. Where’s all the millionaires on this list “repping” Compton?

Vallejo is said to be emerging from bankruptcy but many are not convinced.

The stealthier problem in the Golden State are the many school districts are in trouble.

20. Tax havens as the class war targets the “Not really that rich so called 1 Percent”

As a punctuation to this massive search for money to fill the gaping and exponentially growing hole in the global economy, the UK’s Guardian brings us this story of approximately 13 trillion pounds, (about $21 trillion dollars) hiding in offshore tax havens. But governments are wanting to cut services for the poor and raise taxes on the “not really that rich”. Why do they get away with this hypocrisy? The answer is simple, a lot of you are not paying attention, allowing them to rob and leave you and the unborn with the budget shortfall bill.

21. IMF scandal

There is a lot more international awareness today of the IMF’s destructive power similar to a trojan horse.

One high level official is jumping ship and blowing the whistle on his former conspirers.

Some are seeing this as a way to avoid possible criminality in the event of a scandal like LIBOR.

22. Chicago Crime exploding

The economic collapse is actually hitting the streets where unemployment is feeding the gang violence. The murder rate is skyrocketing, as of July 10, Yahoo reported 275 murders in the city, more than 1 per day.
The Chicago Tribune noted that the first 6 months saw 259 murders, of which 201 victims were African-American, a staggering 77.6% of murders in a city only about 33% African-American.

This is spurring talk from Big Brother’s own Janet Napolitano that Homeland Security should “help”.

Earlier this July, thieves brazenly stole $230,000 worth of hair extensions by hammering their way into the business around 2 a.m. from an adjoining vacant storefront.

As the economy crumbles further, people will steal whatever isn’t bolted down and then some.

Keeping with the gun theme, how’s that gun ban working out Chi-town?

23. Afghanistan situation deteriorating

The US resolved the dispute that caused Pakistan to close down access to key supply routes for US forces. What changed? They got the simple apology they were requesting for the24 Pakistani troops exploded by an errant drone strike.

Now, the violence has been slowly increasing and the shortcomings of the corrupt Afghan government and military are being laid bare. This week, 8 NATO troops met an early end in the graveyard of empires. Why can’t we leave yet? Gen. David Petraeus dishes on the $2 trillion+ of mineral deposits estimated in the region.

The quagmire continues.

24. South China Sea dispute over fishing grounds, oil/gas reserves

Right or wrong, the reality is that China is flexing it’s muscles in the region, sending smaller countries scurrying to hide behind US influence. China warned the US not to bring up the South China Sea at the ASEAN summit. They did it anyway, so what’s next?

US sees risk of war as India emphasises navigation freedom in South China Sea.

China plans to put garrison on disputed South China Sea island.

War drums beat louder.

25. African turmoil grows as region continues to be destabilized

The globalist plan to destabilize parts of Africa has numerous benefits for them, namely removing stable power centers which could provide resistance or support against western intervention. The most obvious of these was Gaddafi. This is part of the North African cleansing/genocide designed to push out native Africans and destroy the historical artifacts while turning over power to Islamists of all types. It’s designed to create a new patchwork region that can be easily controlled with mercenaries and proxy armies similar to the origins of the modern Middle East. This is evidenced by the spread of weapons from Gaddafi’s arsenal throughout the region, which was a foreseeable and warned against side effect.

26. Egypt

The NWO is turning Egypt over to the Muslim brotherhood. The Mossad-CIA-MI6 connections are apparent. Clearly the military doesn’t like Mohammend Morsi and friends. Neither do the neighbors . Tensions flare with Israel, IDF sends tanks to Egypt border. Omar Suleiman, CIA point man for torture and rendition suddenly mysteriously dies “while undergoing a medical examination” and “no cause was given”. Another disposable US asset?

As if that’s not crazy enough, the whacked out, semi-western controlled Muslim Brotherhood want to DESTROY the pyramids of Egypt. Why? The Brotherhoodand and the Salafis both say they are Pagan symbols, which is a perversion of the truth. The symbolism of the pyramid was taken over by occult societies and they use it as a symbol of power. It is held out now as a symbol of evil when it’s really the distortion and obfuscation of ancient knowledge. This is something hard to prove obviously and we’ll leave that debate for another article. However, ask yourself, what proof is there that it is a pagan symbol? If you seek to dispute this, ask a Moor.

Finally, Egypt seems to be landing somewhere between Saudi Arabia and Sharia Law. Bigger sign things are not better? Egyptian revolution ‘failing to deliver for women’.

27. Mali

This is currently a major NWO (New World Order) destabilization project. Experts have noted the islamification has spread from the Libya chaos due to the Western intervention to oust Gaddafi. The pattern follows the playbook, destabilize the region with the help of mercenary “rebels”. They aren’t just destroying ancient architechture and drawings, but thousands of manuscripts detailing the history of math, science, medicine, surgery and especially astronomy. The region is home to the ethnic Tuaregs among other people who “gave us Arabic numerals, algebra, algorithms, and alchemy; they gave us our names of most of the stars visible to the eye”. Beyond that, they weren’t Muslims per se in the form you think of in the Arab world today, yet again, see the Moors. The Moors encompass different genetic peoples but they look much more like the indigenous people of the land than Arabs, don’t they? They furthered the art of surgery, built hospitals, developed pharmacology. Like Iraq in the 2003 war, this history is being destroyed to hide the true history of our planet and mankind.

28. Libya

What has happened in Libya since Gaddafi was ousted? Not liberty, but a country in turmoil. More of the sameextremist islamification, genocide and torture of indigenous Africans as the country is handed to Al Qaeda.

Now mercs and proxy forces of all kinds including CIA backed forces, Salafis and Al Qaeda forces that killed US troops pretty much run the country.

Have you seen RT’s report on the real reason Gaddafi had to be ousted by the west? He was setting up Africa to trade on the gold dinar, a move which could have basically crashed the US dollar.

Another RT story: “Saving the world economy from Gaddafi”.
ETF News.

Hear Louis Farrakhan’s take as he chronicles Gaddafi’s further goal of helping unite Africa beyond money, thereby empowering the continent.

Here’s a longer article on some of Gaddafi’s accomplishments that led to the “highest standard of living in Africa”. Gaddafi may not have been perfect, what leader or person for that matter is? Does that mean the man deserved the horrible end he met? (Warning: Graphic video)

Sadly, when you mess with the US dollar, you most likely die. End of story. It’s no coincidence that Saddam Hussein was looking at trading oil in euros.

29. Nigeria/Central Africa religious strife

Another oil rich region being stirred up with Islamic extremists? The religious violence is not new, but seems intensified of late, violence claims 52 lives, 100+ wounded in multiple suicide bomb attacks on churches. Some clerics are warning of a wide sectarian conflict due to poverty. These are Christian people being killed as well but no genuine outcry from the pro-war crowd in America. Where’s all that religious zealousness?

30. Kony and Uganda

It’s the oil stupid. Uganda licensed “62 investment projects worth $806.6 million in the first quarter” of 2012 alone, “amid growing interest in the East African nation’s oil industry”. Kony was old news that pissed off most Ugandans, part of a US State Dept psyop. Did you get duped?


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