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The inaugural Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference in Los Angeles this past weekend could not have turned out better for the awareness movement. The stated purpose of the landmark gathering more than just expanding awareness of chemtrails, the toxic, artificial clouds which have wide ranging effects. Chemtrails were the common ground that each of the speakers shared because it is such a serious issue, however each one of them presented excellent information on ancillary issues linked to the agendas responsible for chemtrails.

Conference organizer John Whyte stated that chemtrails are one of the most important issues the public at large is unaware of, but the reason for naming the conference Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails was because the public needs exactly that. Whyte visualized and seized on a great opportunity to bring together many different perspectives on chemtrails, not just defining what they are, but outlining their purpose as well as the shadowy individuals responsible. While the conference and live stream required a ticket, the goal was also to raise money for Morgellons research, a syndrome related to chemtrails which manifests many almost inexplicable symptoms.

This is a good description courtesy of the conference organizers.

Morgel­lons is a multi-symptom dis­ease that has a num­ber of symp­toms such as; erupt­ing skin lesions, sen­sa­tions of crawl­ing, bit­ing on and under the skin, the appear­ance of blue, black or red fibers and gran­ules beneath and/or extrud­ing from the skin, fatigue, short-term mem­ory loss, impaired thought pro­cess­ing and feel­ings of depres­sion and iso­la­tion.

The presenters came from varied professional backgrounds and brought their various technical knowledge together for a synthesized overview of the New World Order’s scientific agenda. Before you object to that statement, consider the complementary fashion of the various effects. Chemtrails are said to not only enhance weather modification and weapons, but also tie into genetically engineered crops and plants as the soils on earth are being rapidly depleted of the minerals that make them arable. The chemtrail particles accumulate and basically help along the process of killing the soil, something documented on Day 1 by studies of dead trees in California. This runs right into the need for genetically modified crops and plants which grow in “strained” soil conditions. It would be nice to have crops that can grow in poor soil, but what’s the point if they sterilize you, cause organ failure, cancer or worse? Beyond that, many of the presenters spoke of the fact that chemtrails are limiting the amount of sunlight reaching the ground, something which Michael Murphy’s documentary highlights. That is just scratching the surface of what chemtrails are known and rumored to do. The next level is understanding the new world order’s need to geo-engineer the planet.

There was an incredibly comprehensive overview of GMO crop technology with Jeffrey Smith, executive director of the Institute for Responsible Technology. He champions a responsible food chain, which is being destroyed by the reckless nature of genetically modified crops, mainly from Monsanto. These genetically modified organisms, innocuously called GMOs, are the trojan horse for the new world order’s plan to first hijack the food supply, then control and steer it over time. That may sound outlandish, but it is under the guise of improved crop yield, which has been shown to be a fallacy (also giving rise to superweeds). Not only does it achieve the effects of weakening the average human, but it’s also designed to make the body dependent on these foods over time as it re-engineers the digestive flora to work in unison with it.

If you are new to the GMO problem, this quote from Smith about the crops says it all really.

You can spray them with half the components of Agent Orange and they won’t die.

Some presenters strayed further from the discovery aspect of chemtrails and went into advanced theory. There was Project Camelot’s Kerry Cassidy who is knowledgeable on a range of subjects including “the Illuminati agenda, mind control, the matrix, prophecies, 2012” and others. She “conducts interviews documenting the testimony of whistleblowers with above top secret clearances as well as researchers and experiencers covering all aspects of reality both on and off planet”, which pretty much extends all the way to the highest levels of government and into the shadow government. She’s interviewed agents, victims, subjects and patsies and has the credentials to back it up. Cassidy laid out an extensive overview of the occult societies and their connections to the knowledge of “other world beings”, the occult and illuminati agenda, as well as a loose historical record of the Annunaki, Nephilim, Pleidians and more. What are those? Yes, aliens. Crazy? Maybe. But there is actual evidence carved in ancient stone Sumerian texts suggesting the existence of these other world creatures. We won’t tell you that aliens exist, we don’t know that, but there is a lot of historical record widely accepted by historians which depicts interactions with these beings. You can read and see more here.

Later in the evening on Friday, Sofia Smallstorm gave a comprehensive look at the Morgellons phenomena. There are many uses and effects for chemtrails, confirmed and speculated alike, but one of the most alarming effects among chemtrail analysts is the connection to the Morgellons epidemic. Morgellons is not a disease specifically, but a syndrome, as it is not an organic occurrence. The link between to Morgellons is the integration of nanofiber particles in the chemtrail sprays, which act as a delivery method for various particles. According to Sofia Smallstorm, who has studied the cases of many sufferers, a long term sufferer of Morgellons, the nanofibers essentially embed themselves in your skin and settle in, usually carrying chemical compounds or even bio-organisms. There are reports of all types of materials, silica, crystals, glass like materials, fiber like materials, and literally strand filament like objects growing out of the skin. There are many reports of living organisms gestating inside of some of these tubular sacs which grow under the skin. (GRAPHIC PICTURES)

One woman who has had this condition for nearly two decades has Lesions the size of softballs on her body, deep craters that fill up with bio-filling which she calls goo “ball of goo”. The buildup creates great pain and pressure which gets to a point where she has to use her fingernails and razor blades to dig the contents out. This process taking several hours every night in the bathroom. The doctors she has seen call this self excoriation, believing that she is mentally ill and doing it to herself, pulling and ripping her flesh to create deep self inflicted wounds. This is far from the case.
It feels like someone is digging into you with a screwdriver as the tubes grow inside of you.”

The bugs are in the tubes. I pull out the tissue, the tissue is like a tube. I open up the tissue with tweezers. I have found ants, moths, spiders, flies and caterpillars. Some insects are hybrids, they’re crossed, they don’t look right.

She tells me her blood is no longer liquid, it is goopy, gelatinous, filled with a thick viscous material being made inside her. She believes her blood has become synthetic.

A tubular mass from inside the crater, that isn’t a blood vessel…”

Saturday was the most packed and varied day. There was Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd who talked about HAARP, a chemtrail “plasma weapon”, mass mind-control as it relates to chemtrails and sound waves, and what amounts to a planetary assault. The new world order was a term heard explicitly a few times, but referred to virtually all weekend by many presenters. The scientific agenda seeks to control human life from beginning to end.

The scientific community was well represented from the start at the conference but the PR got a boost with comedian-turned-activist Roseanne Barr and former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney squeezed into 1 hour as late additions to the schedule. Their attendance was a bit controversial among some of the spectators at first but they definitely augmented the message of the conference. They both had some knowledge on chemtrails and GMO crops, but largely espoused the need for us all to unite further against the global threats advanced by the new world order.

Roseanne Barr’s speech had hints of a campaign stump speech as she is a candidate for President. We won’t comment on her campaign because that’s not what we do, but her message to the mass awakening movement was stirring. WTF News was live tweeting all weekend and caught a number of headline worthy quotes which weren’t just rhetoric but a call to action.

“Auschwitz is the blueprint of corporate socialism” (on the Prison Military Industrial Complex)
“To those trapped in the demopublican complex, go ahead and waste your votes on Barack Obama and Mitt Romney”
“to the Federal Reserve, that tells us debt slavery is freedom”
“Corporate Socialism is halfway socialism, that’s why it doesn’t work” “it’s a huge ponzi scheme”
“you can’t eat money”
“90% paint sold in America today was made by American prisoners” (on the Prison Military Industrial Complex)

Cynthia McKinney carried the message of unity further by highlighting her time in government and the evidence of corruption she has witnessed. Not only does she have experience with 9/11 deception, but also the “Prison Military Industrial Complex”, which is basically the closed loop money system comprised of private prisons, the defense contractors, law enforcement via the drug war and the intelligence communities which control it and use it to fund wars. The words were a stirring reminder of the times we are in, how corrupt America has become. McKinney famously grilled former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld about the for profit (and pleasure) child sex slave rings which Pentagon contractor Dyncorp was caught red handed in, but only put in the “penalty box” for the offense.

“We live in the underbelly of the system that supports that bright, shining city on the hill” (that Reagan talked about)
“What we are trying to prevent is a soylent green world”
“Are y’all familiar with Operation Northwoods?” (false flag terror plan created by our government, with the goal of starting a war)
“They said they’d hijack planes” “blame it on Cubans” (use remote control airliners and blow them up over the Gulf of Mexico)
“then opposition to the war against #Cuba would dissipate”
More effective “if the victims were college students returning from spring break”
“similar to Paul Wolfowitz, we were just sitting around a table and came up with weapons of mass destruction”
“they betrayed us, lied to us, to the world” patricide, we are killing countries, our country.
“In the words of the FBI, they were willing to neutralize people they found to be problematic, like Martin Luther King Jr.”
“What they will do abroad, they won’t hesitate to do at home”

After the break, Michael Murphy premiered his new chemtrail documentary exposing the why behind the plan, called “Why in the World are They Spraying?”, follow-up to “What in the World are They Spraying?”, which really amplified the chemtrail truth message and largely made this conference possible. These two documentaries really cover the whole spectrum of why chemtrails exist. Murphy appeared this morning on the Alex Jones show to recap the conference as a whole.

The mainstream media is curiously silent on the provable facts surrounding chemtrails. The only “mainstream” article about this conference after the fact, was a disinfo hit piece from an unprepared writer with crap logic. That’s not an exaggeration, read it and see the circular nature of the logic, which is actually not logic. It’s basically like answer the question “why” like a 6 year old and saying “because”, a familiar MSM theme.

There were a few other subjects presented on Sunday, including the comprehensive coverage of geo-engineering and bio-engineering links. Laura Eisenhower spoke about the Military Industrial Complex, as her grandfather of President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us about. Watching the conference live stream was a very educational experience which was really well worth the price of admission. We are not affiliated with the conference in anyway, it’s just something very newsworthy that unsurprisingly, didn’t make news. The footage is available on the website for purchase and is probably a better place to spend your money than the movie theater with the Alzheimer’s causing popcorn butter.


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