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by Lisa Alba

Monsanto has recently launched major damage control measures to contain the fallout from the recent GMO study showing the effect of a lifetime of GMO foods on rats. The visual evidence of the dangers can be seen below in the photo of gigantic tumors present in ALL of the rats.

There are more tumors and cancers in the world today than ever before and seemingly everyone knows a person who has had cancer. The question shouldn’t just be the cure, but WHY? There are numerous fertility problems and late abortions spiking as never before, WHY?

Articles and news about the entire genetic modification (GM) industry are extremely rife right now across mainstream and especially independent media. There are so many articles to choose from on the debacle that is the GM (frankenfood) food industry and finally, we have hard evidence of the damage it is doing after a very private 2 year study. This was conducted by French researchers, without the usual constraints imposed by companies like Monsanto, who do not release GM seed or products such as maize (NK603) for “free” study but only to their strict parameters and up to a maximum period of 3 months to which, any party must sign a contract. This time period has been completely insufficient for problems to manifest.

French researchers secretly studied, for two years, 200 rats fed with transgenic maize. The result of which is, you can see in the above video, gigantic tumors, and other serious health disorders. These frankenfoods are a ticking time bomb for the GMO industry. There was a 600% increase in mortality between the GM fed group and the control group, fed uncontaminated material.

Maize NK603 was used and fed to the animals, observed and thoroughly tested over a 2 year period. Normally, within the “self-policing” GM industry, glyphosate and the GM seed and produce are only tested in a very limited time and manner, and usually results kept within the industry, refer to Dr. Huber in interview with Dr. Mercola.

The GM industry has convinced (bought) governments that no toxicity tests are needed in Europe for import of GM material. Europe has been nervous about this whole issue France being the most concerned.

Over the years, personally I have emailed, written, telephoned many companies and supermarkets enquiring about their GM policy, labeling and clarity, because I did not want myself or my family to eat GM. Response was often poor and unclear. I always made it very clear that as a private individual I did not want to buy or eat GM. It made shopping longer, many items I cut out altogether, and especially if originating from America, my choice, I am entitled to it, as we all are.,

The GM industry has recently spent millions trying to kill a bill that would require labeling of GMOs in California. The participants are Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer, Dow, BASF, NESTLE and Sygenta.

NESTLE is one of the largest food product providers in the world including baby food, turning $90 billion in profits. Perhaps they need to change their current slogan to “FOODS TO DIE FOR”

Peter Brabeck, head of NESTLE, is the type of guy who makes sweeping statements intimating that we have been eating GMOs for 20 years and no-one is dying or sick. Well how would you know that Mr. Brabeck? No one is looking and no one knows how many modern day illnesses may be attributable to GMOs. He is also the kind of guy who states that water should be a traded commodity, like other foods and resources, in other words, we, the people, wouldn’t be entitled to it, for our very LIFE. Anyone opposes this, he has labeled an extremist. I have a few choice words for Mr. Brabeck.

Monsanto has recently acquired private security company formally known as BLACKWATER. One would have to wonder for what purpose, to intimidate resistance? The people will prevail, once the light shines into the dark corners of their truth as they scurry away exposed with nowhere to hide. On an investment note, billionaire Investors are jumping ship as they withdraw investments out of GM and Big Pharma on the back of all the bad publicity and exposures of the truth on these industries which care little about “joe bloggs” as long as they make a buck and fulfill their precious Agenda 21.

The good news is that countries as well as individuals are making a stand. Monsanto and NESTLE have recently lost a case in Brazil over the non-labeling of GMO material in their products. France has issued a very clear statement that it is saying NO to GMO.

Monsanto is part of the parcel that is American foreign policy strategy for world supremacy with people like Brzezinski and Gates involved in pushing GMO foods in foreign aid, to name just two. The philosophy is simple, control money and you control a country, control food and you control all the people.

For a better visual on the interconnected nature of government and lobbyists, see the venn diagrams in this article.

The people are fighting back and are making headway, the people will win out. To maintain this momentum, we must all make our protest in whichever way we are able, we are having an effect. Supermarket chains need to be held jointly and severally liable for the products they sell in light of the new evidence.

Now consider the common tactic of the “elites”, create a problem, generate a planned reaction, and present the “solution” (anything but). So while we become sicker globally through their interference with mother earth, Big Pharma waits in the wings to pick over our bones, then the banksters step in and take the last bit of life blood to complete the circle of profit. Imagine a world like the movie Repo Men where the average person is expected to have organ failure of some kind. How can we ignore what’s happening and see that this is not natural?

So, we have a choice to make. Make your views heard and felt, cut as much GM as you can out of your diet, ask supermarkets the questions, stick a list of top 10 GM foods to avoid on your fridge, eat healthy, take your vitamins and we will win this fight. We need to keep up the pressure on GMO foods, just education alone has a huge effect.

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‘Rise like Lions after slumber
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Ye are many – they are few.’


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