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We are a small app development company. We are developing an app that has a feature to tweet a company when potential GMO (genetically modified) ingredients are found by hitting a button in the app. We are in the final phases of development of our product – GMO Scanner – and we had a chance to publicly test a couple (as in two) tweets last night, and they worked beautifully.
Perhaps too well. We tweeted @GeneralMills and @Gatorade about the potential GMO “contaminants” in their product from my iPhone app.
I was fortunate enough to take a screenshot (and post it to @GMOScanner) shortly before our account was suspended. If I didn’t do this, I wouldn’t have evidence of what happened as I am currently unable to see our Tweets.
This is just speculation, but It appears that General Mills and/or Gatorade may be censoring people by hiring an army to report posts like this as “Spam”. This may sound far-fetched, but the truth is, Gatorade’s parent company (Pepsi-Co) set aside $1,716,300.00 in opposition to GMO labeling in California’s Proposition 37 bill. General Mills put aside $908,200.00 for their anti-labeling efforts. And what are we doing? We’re showing strong support for Proposition 37 and trying to figure out how to fix the industry through technology social media.
It doesn’t seem that the Big Food companies like this.
Of course, you could argue it’s some type of system glitch. But after posting the same post to another account, I was temporarily “suspended” and unable to log in. However, the Twitter bots may have been wise enough this time to lift the suspension. It seems that suspensions are usually manually dealt with by Twitter, so I am not sure why I was able to regain access to my other account again. The odd thing is, I didn’t get any of the “Your account is suspended” emails you are supposed to get for the suspensions.
But if Pepsi-Co and/or General Mills are trying to censor us, I am more than delighted. This means we just might have an app feature that strikes a nerve when it comes to companies that oppose GMO labeling. That’s something we can be proud of.
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