Before It’s News
by Dylan Charles, Waking Times

In the small Latin American country of Costa Rica, where agriculture is king and enormous corporate plantations have dotted the country-side, a subsidiary of Monsanto is making a push to plant several hectares of genetically modified transgenic corn in the Northwestern province of Guanacaste.

However, this month, a group of about 100 concerned citizens from several environmental organizations, students and farmers, mounted a spirited protest outside of the National Commission for Bio-security in Costa Rica, the board tasked with permitting this most recent attempt to infest Costa Rica with GMOs.

During a Nov. 6 protest organized by the environmental collectives Bloque Verde and the Central American Alliance for the Protection of Biodiversity, more than 100 demonstrators in front of the Agriculture and Livestock Ministry in western San José demanded the prohibition of genetically modified corn in Costa Rica. (Tico Times)

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