Organic foods are supposed to be safe for consumption. They, unlike GMOs, do not usher any disease into human life. Organic foods are recognizable with a stamp placed on the packets which clearly mentions that the foods are organic in nature. But there is an increasing concern about the authenticity of organic foods due to the escalating cultivation and prevalence of GMOs. Those foods that are cultivated naturally without the help of pesticides and other chemicals are termed as organic foods. But under the current scenario, there is always a possibility of organic foods getting contaminated with GMOs though they are not directly cultivated with GMOs.

The U.S.Food and Drug Administration is being led by former top officials of big biotech companies, so there is little hope that they will take the necessary steps to stop the influence of GMOs on organic foods. Natural News reports that organic foods are classified into three types depending on the amount of organic ingredients present in the foods. The foods that have 70 percent or 90 percent of organic ingredients are complemented with 30 percent and five percent of GMOs respectively.

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