Climb aboard for an unflinching ride thru the uncharted landscape of the Kali Yuga & the Great Shift of the Ages.

The shift of the ages continues to unfold like the thousand petal lotus, enveloping all of us, both the slumbering and the awoken ones in its higher frequency energy. Of all the priority issues commanding our individual attention I can think of none more important than maintaining your personal energy at the highest possible vibration. What we choose to consume as food, for nourishment should also be of the highest vibration possible.

Obviously there is great benefit from the growing trend (pardon the pun) towards organic and vegan dietary disciplines, but not all of us are there yet, and may not be for some time. No matter what your choices are when you prowl the aisles of your local supermarket, it is now more important than ever to be an informed, educated shopper, and that means knowing how to read the UPC bar codes on your products.

Lets begin with GMO and GE bar codes. If a product has a five digit code starting with 9, that denotes ORGANIC grown food. If the product has a five digit code starting with 8, that denotes GMO or GE “food”, which is undoubtedly decidedly low in vibration. Products showing a four digit bar code are conventionally grown, and contain pesticides.

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