Global Research
By Michael Welch

Global Research News Hour Episode 8

“One of the reasons that academics fail to examine a big issue such as false flag operations is because academia is so specialized. The topic is really too big for them…

You said that Pearl Harbor was really a psychological operation. And I wouldn’t agree in this sense.

It was also a military operation. It was also an intelligence operation. It was also a governance operation…Which discipline would tackle Pearl Harbor? Would it be the historians? The anthropologists?”
-Barrie Zwicker

Pearl Harbor

The Gulf of Tonkin Incident.

The Sinking of the Lusitania.


There is widespread belief that in all cases these incidents were made or at least allowed to happen on purpose in order to foster support for war. With the recent anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attacks having come and gone, and with a possible conflict with Syria on the horizon, we’ll talk with retired journalist and media critic Barrie Zwicker about the history and sophistication behind fabricated disasters known as false flags.

Then we’ll talk to an Ottawa-based activist and 9/11 eyewitness, David Long about current day efforts to address what he and fellow activists see as problems with the official explanation of the September 11 attacks.



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