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Baran Hines

This is what the information war looks like.

As disclosure, this person is a personal friend of mine, who’s name will remain concealed for now. He claims Huffington Post unfairly censored his comments on an article related to the gun control debate.

CONFIRMED! The Huff Post is censoring me. They have deleted 14 consecutive comments. You guys know me. I don’t use foul language, nor do I attack people personally. I speak the truth and apparently the Huff Post does not like people talking about the truth on their forum. The last comment I made referred to a lawful and peaceful remedy to indefinite detention, torture, endless warfare, perpetual debt and summary executions of US citizens.

Before the recap of the claim, another commenter on Facebook made an important distinction as far as the “freedom of the press” is concerned, below is the response.

I concur. As a private institution, the Huff Post as every right NOT to associate themselves with my comments. However, it appears to me, their decision making process on which comments to approve is biased towards those who support the current system of slavery.

Noting that HuffPo selectively removed comments.

They are leaving the comments up opposing my position. So, all you see is a bunch of people giving me a hard time, but you don’t see my responses — which, were quite intelligent and on point. If I may boast.

On the original comment which was left in place while others were deleted.

Baran Hines, It was on this story and here is my original comment, they did not delete.

“We often hear the question, “Why do civilians need semi-automatic weapons and 30 rd magazines?” Well, there is a simple answer to that: the illegitimate federal government now claims the authority to indefinitely detain, torture, and/or summarily execute citizens of the United States and its agents are in possession of automatic weapons with 30 rd magazines.

That is why civilians need semi-automatic weapons and 30 rd magazines. This is not about Sandy Hook or the NRA; this is about Liberation from perpetual debt, endless warfare and political slavery.”


HuffPo’s hypocrisy and selective editing in this case is designed to shape the conversation and distort the debate.

Well, I just find it interesting the Huff Post approved my comment about WHY civilians need semi-automatic weapons, yet deleted my comment about the lawful and peaceful remedy. I think this is an attempt to make the liberty movement look extreme and dangerous. I also wrote, “It’s up to those who call themselves “the government” whether or not a lawful and peaceful remedy to their tyranny can be manifested.

I have known his points to be thoughtful and non-violent, so it is curious as to why these comments were removed while ones in favor of the suggested slant remain.

If the positions being advocated were not intelligent, the free flow of debate would expose it, or at least it would turn into the same disjointed, ignorant debate often had on sites where a sensible idea is presented but met with responses that don’t accurately address the issue. What is HuffPo so afraid of? Maybe it’s got something to do with the distinct pattern of muting real debate and change via the controlled left-right political paradigm?

What evidence is there that Huffington Post is now in new world order hands after being taken over by AOL?

Liberals need to finally realize we are governed by a Democrat-Republican duopoly that takes orders from a clique of international banksters.

It is hardly a mistake or an oversight the financial elite dominates the so-called Left through foundations. The Ford, Soros, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Schuman, Pacifica foundations and the National Endowment for Democracy – the CIA, at the behest of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, and offshore banksters – controls Left media and its supposedly progressive message, not irate bloggers given the shaft by Arianna Huffington.

The message pumped out daily by a compromised corporate Left media is a message vetted by dedicated corporate globalizers at the United Nations, World Bank, International Monetary Fund, World Trade Organization, and their multitudinous foundations, NGOs, and front organizations.

Libs love to hate the late Gary Allen, author of None Dare Call It Conspiracy, but they should do a serious retake if they are sincerely interested in understanding what happened to their beloved HuffPo, finally revealed as a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“If one understands that socialism is not a share-the-wealth program, but is in reality a method to consolidate and control the wealth, then the seeming paradox of superrich men promoting socialism becomes no paradox at all,” he wrote. “Instead it becomes the logical, even the perfect tool of power-seeking megalomaniacs. Communism, or more accurately, socialism, is not a movement of the downtrodden masses, but of the economic elite.

This not a left-right issue and the fact is this site is not in support of either party or philosophy. The two major parties in America are largely controlled by major corporations and wealthy individuals in the form of influence. Corporate interests are aligned with the elites’ preparation for the next phase of the new world order. The film described is Alex Jones’ Endgame (youtube), which regardless of the debate over his authenticity, highlights historical facts to point out exactly who controls large portions of society. Some of the same interests are also steering the debate on guns, through both the faux-liberal and NRA propaganda.

The elite have made no bones over the fact that the only sustainable future in which their power can remain unchecked is one where the world’s population is reduced by over 80%.

Their endgame ensures that they will never have to struggle with a middle class, face a new renaissance or a rising new elite class that could overthrow them and displace them.

Just as the Romans salted the earth at Carthage, ensuring that for hundreds of years crops would not grow, when Hannibal and his people resisted their brutal empire during the Punic Wars, modern day elite oppressors have set about a program to stifle and degrade human progress solely for the benefit of their own power and control.

Endgame exposes this Movement by charting the history of the elite’s new world order going back some 250 years. The film focuses on the Napoleonic era, the Rothschilds and the rise of the central banks and the takeover of the United States by elite institutions such as the Council on Foreign Relations.

The film maps out the British model of hidden empire and the forms of social control carefully studied and adapted by the Anglo-American establishment, headed by groups such as Bilderberg, who have been instrumental in centralizing elite control via the formation of the European Union and the continued progression towards an American Union.

The history of Eugenics is traced from its origins, through it’s hijacking for evil by power hungry elites to a dangerous future under the social Malthusians, psychologists and anthropologists that continue to push the dehumanization agenda.

Endgame reveals a truth that we must face up to in order to secure our own continued existence as a free race on this planet.

The global economy, including America, is headed for a depression. Main street America is already in bad shape, food stamps keep breaking records and the structural unemployment problems are not being fixed. The next earnings season on Wall Street is going to be horrible and there’s already a bad negative feedback loop forming around the remainder of the fiscal cliff debate.
See our Economic Collapse page

The federal government hasn’t recently contracted for approximately 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammo for nothing. Some very important people don’t want it getting out of hand with too many guns. But how will suggested confiscation or forced buyback plans work? New York recently announced it “is an option”, but is it a good one? There will be violence, many guns that are not turned in, and eventually guns will become increasingly valuable black market commodities. There will be more violence than the innocent young bodies at Newtown and the question that should be asked is how much blood has to be spilled for people to realize the gun “problem” will become worse than the drug war?

The war is also being fought on social media.

Before Christmas, there was an article posted to Washington’s Blog which put facts to the rumor that social media networks censors alternative media discussions and opinions.

“Unreliable News Source”

The mainstream media skews the news to defend the status quo, and serves the interests of the rich and powerful.

But at least web news sources are free of censorship … one would hope.

Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Facebook pays low-wage foreign workers to delete certain content based upon a censorship list. For example, Facebook deletes accounts created by any Palestinian resistance groups.

Digg was caught censoring stories which were controversial or too critical of the government. See this andthis.

Many accuse Youtube of blatant censorship.

Reddit – the 133rd most popular website worldwide on the Internet – is also censoring.

I’m not talking about censoring specific websites (For example, I was informed today that Reddit’s News category censors all stories from this website.  But that’s just an example).  I’m talking about censoring entire categories of news media.

Specifically, Reddit’s WorldNews category has 2.5 million subscribers.  Most tv news shows have less than 2.5 million daily viewers. So that means that Reddit’s WorldNews is itself a mainstream media source in terms of numbers.  And many more people see WorldNews stories on the front page of Reddit, even if they are not subscribers to the WorldNews subreddit.

(Reddit is owned by the 46th largest company in the United States – Advance Publications – which owns a number of mainstream newspapers and magazines.)

Yet WorldNews censors blogs, and doesn’t consider them real news sources.  Here’s a discussion I had recently with WorldNews moderators:

Biggest Social Media Sites Censor Alternative News Clipboard02

In fact, the top independent experts in every field – economics, business, foreign affairs, military, science, energy, etc. – have their own blogs, making blogs one of the best sources of information, a good way to fact-check the mainstream news, and the best way to read the experts’ insights direct and unfiltered.  See thisthis and this.

Indeed, the whole reason that news blogs have become popular is that they get around the censorship which is ubiquitous in the mainstream television news. And social media is popular as a news source –especially among youth – because it pretends that it provides uncensored news, where a free market of popularity governs.

That’s obviously not the case, where specific websites – and entire classes of media, such as blogs – are barred.

Reddit holds itself out as a young, hip, progressive news source.  But if it is censoring blogs, it fails to live up to any of these claims.

The government already censors and manipulates social media. More proof here and here.

It is sad that the moderators of the social media sites themselves are doing the same thing.

A note on the “statist” debate and the growing police state.

It is government, and the elite who control it, that pose the real threat to humanity. This new film will serve as evidence to the fact that government is history’s greatest killer– with various regimes claiming more than 262,000,000 unnatural deaths in the 20th Century alone. Now, a 21st century technocratic global corporate tyranny seeks to kill not mere millions but billions– through their superweapons, central banking warfare model and eugenics mindset.

A recent video countering the Hollywood propaganda video on gun control. It’s call “Disarmament leads to democide (Death by Government)”

The video effects are meant to mimic the Hollywood video seen below.

The Hollywood propaganda video. That doesn’t mean all the stars know they are supporting negative propaganda, but it is used in ways that uses their compassion to feed a false narrative. Consider that rifles killed fewer people than hammers and clubs in 2011 (FBI stats… 496 to 323).

Given the way that government and police have been seen to treat people, this comment from Twitter should make more sense.

So should these.

For your consideration with no extraneous words, because the Scumbag Steve meme is the internet dunce cap now.

Senator Dianne Feinstein who claims to have gotten rid of her concealed carry permit

‘I know the urge to arm yourself because that’s what I did’

She still wants to ban all guns and force Americans to turn them all in, literally. A 1995 video below

Senator Chuck Schumer, said to have a rare “unrestricted” permit in New York City, denies it, but wants all your guns gone

But he likes firing a TEC?

The gun control debate is a false one, read more here. More hypocrisy here from the Journal News after the pistol permit map controversy.

Welcome to the information war.


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