I found this extremely interesting and thought I’d share for conversation. I searched several terms and names and could not find another post on this – so if there is another please forgive – I did make effort to search.

Eric Holder and Connecticut Governor Dan Malloy met on November 27th to unveil ‘Project Longevity’. “

The initiative, known as Project Longevity, will send new federal grant money to Connecticut and involve agents, academics and social workers working for or with the FBI and the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.”

This particular phrase really caught my attention:

“The community needs to show a little more outrage on these things and demand that it be a top priority,” Pinciaro said. “That will be more useful than another law right now.”

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Here’s the stats on gun homicides by state – why did they choose Connecticut to push this? 

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If anyone was wondering why Eric Holder met with first responders – Project Longevity might just be the answer to that question. [link to]

Good looking gang they got there eh?  There is nothing concrete that says the powers that be were involved in this.  There are lots of contradictions, rumors and circumstantial evidence that says they are.  This is another one of those.  -Mort



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