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Sean Hass

If you’ve made it to this site, there is a good chance that you as well have lost faith in the Mainstream Media. Today, media is simply a live action form of Jersey Shore or any of your favorite ridiculous TV shows. Some news hosts have always used cashed in on national tragedies, but Piers Morgan has taken that to a new level, needing to boost his ratings to keep his job.

According to a New York Post article, the Piers Morgan Tonight show was severely struggling prior to December. The show was struggling so much that CNN was contemplating moving him back to 10pm or even later.

The article also states that Morgan’s contract ends in 2013, which could be another reason for his sudden ratings hunt with Newtown and gun control. Another article from June 2012 goes on to say:

The figures also raise questions about the future of Piers Morgan, hired to shake up its prime-time schedule with an hour-long weeknight interview show. He drew an average of 417,000 viewers, a fall of 50 per cent and the network’s worst figure for the slot since the early 1990s. Morgan’s show is largely admired by critics. But his audience is volatile, and seems to vary according to the caliber of guests.

So it is clear to see that Morgan simply gains most his audience from his guests followers and drama, not the minute amount of journalism he possesses. Now, Piers Morgan has got exactly what he wanted. An issue that he can provoke Americans against each other to save his career that was practically over prior to Newtown at the end of his contract.

Why else would Piers bring someone like Alex Jones on to his show? It excites his already volatile viewers and draws more from competitors for a few minutes, who can’t stand him usually but will tune in for the drama that ensues.

Now close to a month after Newtown, Piers Morgan finds himself at the top of the ratings charts for CNN (although still lagging behind Hannity and Rachel Maddow). Much different than a mere 39,000 viewers in the key 25-54 age demographic back in May 2012.

October 8, 2012 ratings
October 8, 2012 ratings

January 8, 2013 ratings
January 8, 2013 ratings

His show has also seemed to remain at its 9pm spot and with continued “success”, a hefty contract will also follow, unless CNN has its true future in mind. What does it say about America’s consciousness that a journalist, who believes phone hacking is a “investigative practice” and was accused of fabricating news stories, can rise to the top of a major network virtually unchallenged by its viewers. It seems Piers has been doing everything he can to keep his job here in America to avoid having to go back to England to face these accusations. Here is some video proof of his dishonesty.

Lord Justice Leveson, leader of the investigation, also had this to say about Morgan following Morgan’s statements about phone hacking:

Overall, Mr. Morgan’s attempt to push back from his own bullish statement to the Press Gazette was utterly unpersuasive.

There are many other personalities like him who are shielding the truth from Americans every day with stories of nonsensical shouting matches, and incorrect statistics.

This country is in a time of true peril and needs real answers, real answers that will never come from Piers Morgan or the globalist machine behind him. However, there is a way to stop him, countering the disinformation with facts, like these 18 facts that prove that Piers Morgan is flat out lying about gun control.

Less viewers and continued bad ratings means no more Piers for the future and CNN has to boost its image another way.


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