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WTF News has spent hours combing through data, videos, and articles related to the Sandy Hook shooting. Data gathered from the Newtown emergency dispatch gives us a hint that we are at least being held from the entire truth of the event. What we have provided to you below is a log we created from the audio you can find at RadioReference.com (so you these recordings are not manipulated by us). We were not able to distinguish all of the audio we heard but were able to get most of it. We are not dispatchers nor law enforcement so it can be hard to understand all of it so if there are parts you can distinguish that we haven’t, please contact us and let us know was so we can have the most accurate report.

For what we were able to confirm however, there are a few points that should be made before listening to the audio and reading the analysis.

1. At 9:39 AM, dispatch says a teacher saw 2 shadows running past the gym (read following few minutes, should spark your curiosity).
2. At 9:39 AM, 9:41 AM, 9:51 AM , and 10:11 AM, all times when talking about suspect or suspects, although 9:39 and 9:41 may be relating to the same, the others clearly are not. It is VERY strange. Listen to the audio. It is also clear to see on video footage that there is indeed someone running away from the school and also police. The limited sources that address this have gone on to say that he was an off duty police officer from another town. First, a parent would not run from the school where they believe their child is in danger, and second, a cop would not run from a fellow officer (and how the hell would a off duty from ANOTHER town get there before officers of Newtown anyways?). Sandy Hook is hardly debunked, it takes only a little common sense to see the media accepted explanation does not add up.
3. 9:56 AM officer states “multiple weapons found” and lists “Rifle” and “Shotgun”. It is needed to note that the news coverage video showing the cop removing a shotgun from a trunk of a car was at NIGHT not DAY. So how have they already found this shotgun? The rifle was also listed as the weapon used to kill everyone, so if the shotgun was in the car, and rifle found on the body of Lanza, why are they reported found at the same time? There are some obvious time discrepancies.
You can follow along with the audio provided at RadioReference.com in the link above.

Everything with quotation marks is what the person has said, anything else is a description of what is happening or what we think has been said.

9:36 am – first call, shots reported
9:37 am – announce units arriving, report glass broken in front, not sure why
9:37 am – individual on phone describing still hearing gunfire (individual is a male)
9:38 am – “units responding, shooting appears to have stopped, silent, school is in lock down”
9:39 am – “teacher reports 2 shadows running past the building, past the gym… (then inaudible but sounds like “hear shooting”
9:39 am – “ya we got him” “he’s coming at me” (then inaudible)
9:39 am – “coming up the drive way left side”
9:40 am – call for 2 ambulances to staging
9:41 am – “last known shots at front of building”
9:41 am – “no visual tools on station”?
9:41 am – “I got him proned out”
9:41 am – “word that units be aware we do have a second (something unit)
9:41 am – something 95 “any description”?
9:42 am – “last known shots in front, maybe the roof”
9:42 am – 872 YEO read by an out of breath cop and then (inaudible but something about school)
9:43 am – “go ahead” “we got one female in room 1 that has gunshot wound to the foot” (then what sounds like “unknown of other injuries at the time advise for ambulance”)
9:44 am – (very inaudible) “confirm outside of school party in custody, (then reads numbers that sounds like 4801 Virginia Tech”) (prob for Vermont) so maybe license or address? dunno)
9:45 am – “we have (what sounds like team 3, defiantly number 3 said) southeast of the school”
9:45 am – (inaudible…) then “standby we are doing that now”
9:46 am – “OK units we have bodies here…(inaudible)” “send EMS in”
9:46 am – what sounds like “team 2 at staging”
9:47 am – something about “we cant let anyone in”
9:47 am – a team is moving up to rear of sandy hook fire department
9:47 am – “unit 6 setting up perimeter front and rear”
9:48 am – “we have a light weight, possibly need second medic”
9:48 am – (a lot of inaudible)
9:49 am – “A2 at staging”
9:49 am – someone else announces at staging
9:51 am – “1 suspect down” goes encrypted “clear” then goes encrypted again. then a different voice (sounds similar but listen again) “suspect down” (“clear” also sounded like the second cop)
9:51-52 – someone is talking to dispatch sounding confused about where they are supposed to go on Dickenson (prob out of town cop?) they then tell him about staging area
9:56 am – “multiple weapons” “one rifle one shotgun”
9:57 am – someone says proceeding to the scene at request of the police dept ( so they are not police it sounds, maybe EMS? )
9:58 am – encryption calls to someone and they answer “its all we know at this time” more encryption… “standby units in front of school conducting interior search at this time”
9:58 am – another team says “proceeding to the scene”
9:59 am – call to a3 “which one of you EMS units was proceeding into the scene?” A3 answers: “A2, A3 wants to know if we can go in also” Whoever is on the other end says “He has not requested you on the scene yet”
10:00 am – “we need a team on the roof to clear the roof”
10:00 am – “be advised we need (buses?) here, pull up the (something) if we have too”
10:01 am – “he’s down the hall..(inaudible)”
10:02 am – “Newtown this is A3, we just got a patient flown to us by police car
10:02-03 – “A2 to dispatch” … “Go ahead A2” .. then A2 says something about ambulances and “send everything” then dispatch replies “how many?” and A2 replies “they are not giving us a number”
10:03 am – ****FIRST EMERGENCY SOUND*****
10:03 am – a call to fire/rescue to Dickenson drive sandy hook school
10:04 am – then repeated (think to another fire/rescue)
10:04 am – fire/rescue teams answer
10:05-06 – something about the roof
10:06 am – another answer from fire/rescue
10:06 am – encryption then a answer, then more encryption….
10:07 am – “when you get a minute will you contact some of our other auxiliary to man the back (walls or halls) so we can put people in there”
10:08 am – random chatter i’m not sure
10:08 am – someone reports a victim being transported to Danbury hospital
10:09 am – someone is told to make sure the area is clear before coming in, then asks “who is the commanding officer?” reply is “Sergeant (Culver or Colbert) will be commanding officer” then reply to that is something about medical bags and to get back to him
10:09 am – encryption talk (Sounds like 6 7 is doing the encrypting talk this time whoever 67 is)
10:10 am – “5 8 is that you in the dumpster in the back?” answer is “Roger” then “Is that someone behind the dumpster with you?” then the answer is “Roger, (two parents or someone with a last name that sounds like that maybe)”
10:10 am – inaudible
10:10 am – “please advise all units (inaudible) room is clear”)
10:10 am – more encryption
10:11 am – then “He’s in the Janitors closet locked, with access to the roof”
10:11 am – “I have multiple ambulance personnel coming inbound, can we create that staging area and command area inside the sandy hook school parking area?” then the answer is “Negative Newtown, any ambulances coming in have to stage at sandy hook fire department and we will call them up”
10:11 am – “I just showed him AR-15/I just turned up a AR-15” (something about a AR-15 for sure)
10:11-12 – encryption
10:12 am – “113 stage at sandy hook fire dept.”
10:12 am – “hook and ladder set up a triage area at firehouse” then more about triage area
10:13 am – “401 to 408”
10:45 am – inaudible. then “negative, what do you got” more inaudible. then something about “the scene”
10:46 am – call to 404
10:46 am – “404 have Superintendent Robertson call me on my cellphone please.”
10:49 am – inaudible then “we want to set up a scene in here” then inaudible but seems to be requesting to set up something
10:50 am – “We got gridlocked here, trying to get them out from where the school scene is” then more inaudible encryption
10:50 am – “can you make contact with C Med immediately”
10:51 am – “Roger, fire house”
10:52 am – “We have a few of our-” then inaudible
10:52 am – “Be advised, we will be taking a team to the location on that-” then inaudible
10:53 am – “A3 assist time on A3’s return, please go back to the station and stand bye”
10:53 am – “Unit 2 is here also, can they go back?” answered with “Roger”
10:53 am – “Setting up command post at Sandy firehouse”
10:53 am – something about dropping the medic back off at the scene
10:53 am – “Be advised we do have enough officers in the building, we do not need any more officers in the building”
10:54 am – mostly encryption
10:55 am – “there is a request for one of our units to stand by here”
10:57 am – Something about building plans coming to the front of the school
11:02 am – Sounds like a call to the units arriving at the “residence” and they are clearing on both sides (sounds like maybe Lanza house or possibly another?)
11:04 am – “Do you have a description”?
11:04 am – “are you en route with layout of the school”? answer is “Negative have not seen that individual yet”
11:06 am – something about where would you like the command post
11:07 am – “Be advised I am with a parent who has the children who were in the classroom during the event, i’m trying to get an account of them now, they were not in the regular lines of kids or rooms, they were not one of them, so im gathering the names of the kids in the class at this time”
11:08 am – “404 to EMS command” then inaudible.
11:09 am – call for gurney into triage area for patient from ambulance
11:10 am – “403 to 404 need me anywhere in particular?”
11:10 am – “go to channel 9”


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