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Since the news broke last week that large dairy industry lobbyists are petitioning the Food and Drug Administration to allow toxic Aspartame in products with no label, WTF News has been brainstorming about exactly how to get more people to really care about the quality of the food they are eating. Just like the rest of the topics that WTF News covers, it’s not always so much about the content of information as it is about getting that info to spread quickly. Food news moves almost as fast as the global warfare and economic developments, making it just as hard to keep up with. If there is one issue that affects everyone, it’s the food you eat and the financial and health consequences of those choices.
The headlines have been filled with major food scandals dealing with horsemeat labeled as beef, the shocking amount of fish products that are wrongfully labeled and the fact that food fraud is at a record as Zero Hedge reported. The pace of food fraud and the declining quality of the supply has hit an exponential slope and it is time to start caring before the entire supply becomes completely plagued with questionable meat, toxic, cancerous chemicals and generally nutritionally bankrupt food products.
Beef, chicken, pork and fish are all affected already. Milk is chemical laden, juices contain less nutritional benefit by the day. Fruits and vegetables are already compromised in many ways, including soaking up large amounts fluoride from the water supply, which has been shown even in a Harvard study to reduce the IQ of children. High fructose corn syrup, other sugar products and toxic, artificial sweeteners are invading more products daily. At this rate, there is not much which is natural or safe to eat on a long term timeline. What is relatively safe to eat is skyrocketing in cost and with the global economic dynamics taking place, that cost curve is getting steeper daily.
“Ag-gag” Laws are also increasingly being aimed at whistleblowers that try to warn the rest of us.
The only way to have this change is to vote with your money and spread awareness about the perils of our food supply. Over the weekend, even Bill Maher devoted his final joke to the frightening trends happening in food. Some may not like the other things Maher has said over the years, but his monologue covered much of what was said in this article and touched on the fact that voters in the state of California declined to force labels for genetically modified food. It speaks to the growing sense of food uncertainty that the average person may be feeling.
This is the last stand, what is there to live for otherwise if you allow the health of yourself and family to increasingly suffer.
With that said, America, it’s time to occupy the food supply.
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Bill Maher’s monologue


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