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The power of alternative media and activists continues to influence the national debate, forcing propaganda news outlets to cover more real issues. The March Against Monsanto had activity in 400+ cities and saw millions of people turn out to voice their opposition to GMO food.
The mainstream media had done all it could to ignore it, but after the huge turnout, and the RT.com article, more news outlets started to pick it up. CNN ignored the march for as long as possible, but between requests on Twitter and Facebook, the network decided to address it.
Somebody working with the CNN facebook page was given clearance to answer back.

You asked for it, and CNN delivers! CNN’s Jake Tapper will be covering the controversy surrounding Monsanto and genetically modified food study, today at 4 pm ET / 1pm PT. Only on CNN . Tune in for more: http://bit.ly/18qPHut; http://on.fb.me/18qPEio; http://bit.ly/18qPHeb

We left this as an encouraging word of caution.

Don’t just throw some crap up there to say you covered it, the alternative media is watching. If you don’t mention the laundry list of countries that have taken against against GMO, it’s worthless. The same goes for the potential for cancer, organ failure, sexual organ damage, sterility, and alteration of digestive bacteria. The possibility of trouble with microRNA and unnatural gene expression is also lurking.

From the Lead w/ Jake Tapper


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