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April Gallop, Pentagon Survivor

I came out in what is believed to be the entrance or the initial place of impact, and was placed on the lawn that was closest to the highway, prior to being transported to the hospital on that particular day.

While I was coming out of the Pentagon, I didn’t see any evidence of metal, airplane seats, you know, luggage, nothing that would give me any indication that it was a plane that had hit the building. I had lost one shoe, so I was walking thru the area barefooted. So I was particularly carfeul to try to make sure I did not step on anything sharp, while i had my son on my shoulder. I did not have jet fuel over my body, my son didn’t have jet fuel over his body, the people that I helped didn’t have jet fuel on their body. So again I wouldn’t, there was nothing on the inside that would give me any indication that there was a plane on that particular day that had hit the building.

Most of the people that were in the area where I was located, and again I did ask, because I , you know, maybe I was off in my judgement, but in speaking with everyone, it was conclusive that no one else in the area where I was located had seen any parts of planes, or luggage or baggage, or anything of that nature.


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