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The Actual Fatal Series Of Events On 9/11 Is Only 6% Of The Official Report

The investigation of the 9/11 cover up starts and ends with the 9/11 Commission report and associated official documents like the NIST reports. Today’s post covers some basics about why you should be upset with what is held up to be the official word on the September 11th attacks. There is a lot of new material for this year’s campaign but last year’s #49 is being revived because of its simplicity and importance. It asks a question which deserves an answer even though the title is more of a rhetorical statement.

Why The Actual Fatal Series Of Events On 9/11 Is Only 6% Of The Official Report

The Official 9/11 Commission Report is 428 pages leaving out the appendices, indexes, etc., of which 26 are related to the actual event that took place on September 11th.
That’s approximately 6% of entire report devoted to the working end of the operation that actually led to the deaths that day.

Wasn’t the purpose of this report to investigate and document the events that led to those approximately 3000 deaths?
The 9/11 Commission’s actual served purpose is a more unpleasant one. The committee to investigate the largest terrorist attack against our country was actually the cover up of the cover up of the crime’s actual perpetrators. What you just read is not a typo. The 9/11 commission basically bought time for those responsible to destroy the evidence trail that could easily give away their involvement in one of the crimes of the century. That’s not said lightly and we challenge you to read the report for yourself (PDF Version).
The explanation of the day’s events presents more questions than it actually answers. These miniscule 26 pages, tucked away in the 9th chapter, are filled with space wasting sentences that describe a scenario which defies the laws of physics. Most of the report is a mix of incomplete or outright false information which fits a narrative crafted by the Central Intelligence Agency that obscures the true origins of Bin Laden. The explanation is on the magnitude of an illogical description of a fatal accident someone gave to the police designed cover up a murder.
What was supposed to be a report mostly analyzing forensic evidence and criminal behavior analysis, turned out to be written like a bedtime story more than anything else.
It sounds like it was written to be the official bedtime story of how the world changed forever. Almost as if as time passes, parents that don’t know how to explain it can read this aloud to them before bedtime as an official answer, like when a child asks the “where do babies come from” question. The image portrayed is like national version of the 1998 movie Pleasantville. You’ll understand what we mean after reading the excerpt below. It is the first paragraph of the first section, the only thing that’s missing are the birds chirping in the trees.

Tuesday, September 11th dawned temperate and nearly cloudless in the eastern United States. Millions of men and women readied themselves for work. Some made their way to the Twin Towers, the signature structures of the World Trade Center complex in New York City. Others went to Arlington, Virgina, to the Pentagon. Across the Potomac River, the United States Congress was back in session. At the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue, people began to line up for a White House tour. In Sarasota, Florida, President George W. Bush went for and early morning run.

For those heading to an airport, weather conditions could not have been better for a safe and pleasant journey. Among the travelers were Mohamed Atta and Abdul Aziz Al Omari, who arrived at the airport in Portland, Maine.

The excerpt above is a good example of the irrelevant information contained in this report which has no other purpose than to the fill pages of a book for the current uneducated American masses and propaganda for the future souls that read it. As documented in a 2005 issue of the national newspaper insert Parade, the 9/11 commission received less investigation money than the one into the Monica Lewinsky-Bill Clinton scandal. Isn’t that strange, considering we’ve spent more than $1 Trillion on the wars comprising our “response”? We includes you, where do you think the money came from?
Are you upset enough to want to know more yet?

The 9/11 Commission report was a controlled investigation which provided the opportunity, through time, to conceal the cover-up and destruction of evidence of one of the largest acts of treason in history. The commission report is written in a way that hides some of the facts that cannot be explained any other way but to implicate the true actors and we’ll be highlighting those during this campaign.
This cover-up in the weeks directly after the attacks included things like the rush for the removal of specifically just the steel, one of the most obvious smoking guns disproving the official narrative. The commission also stifled many pieces of information that do not fit the government narrative, such as info from longtime WTC janitor Willie Rodriguez.
This coverup of the conspiracy to destroy evidence got exponentially more successful as time passed as the American public appeared to be satisfied, most of the actual incriminating information was not further investigated and Bush era aides started dying.
The mystery ingredient, that makes the official 9/11 “story” palatable to the brain, is bullshit. Surpise! It’s one of those “behind door #2” surprises. It’s BS so big that you will be upset that you didn’t question it more or sooner. The more upset you are individually as a person at the unreasonable increase in privacy invasion will probably correlate to how angry you will be when you realize what the real goal of the 9/11 attacks was to usher in a totalitarian police state of the sort that is emerging across the country now. That may sound like wild rhetoric, but when a police officer can retain his job after sucker punching an innocent woman, kicking a seated, handcuffed woman in the head, or kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach, this reality is much closer than you realize. It would become clearer if either of these things happened to you.
Asking yourself who would want to create such a police state and why? A lot of different entities are in favor of this, here is a good explanation to start with as this is something we’ll be covering here at WTF News also.

People will begin to wonder why and how this happened which is one reason this website exists. The prevailing interpretation of history is sometimes tainted or slanted because it is usually written by the winner of a conflict as the assertions to the contrary die off if not recorded. It is actually beginning to happen now with every year that passes in elementary school as children are being fed a false paradigm which frames their world view.

Below are some interesting numerical facts about the 9/11 Commission Report.

Number of pages in each section

46- “We have some planes”
24 – The Foundation of New Terrorism
37 – Counter-terrorism Evolves
37 – Responses to Al Qaeda’s Initial Assault
29 – Al Qaeda aims at American Homeland
41 – from threat to threat
39 – the attack looms
24 – the system was blinking red
47 – Heroism and Horror
14 – Wartime
22 – Foresight and Hindsight
38 – What to do? A global strategy
29 – How to do it? A different way of organizing the government

8 of the 13 chapters of the report are longer than the 26 page documenting the fatal series of events.

The last 4 chapters are about 25% (103/428 =24.0654%) of the report and totally irrelevant to what actually happened
They simply describe the post 9/11 world which features the New World Order police state mode1 as a response.

Now just some fun facts for the occult numerology enthusiasts, the report has 13 chapters.
The first section of the first chapter has 13 pages.
The 2nd and 3rd sections have 21 and 12 pages respectively, adding up to 33.

There are also 13 chapters in the report.
Strange that the page totals of the first chapter of the official government bedtime story of this mass occult ritual happens to be two important masonic numbers…

Spend an hour or two searching around Youtube for these subjects and you may learn some interesting things.


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