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When the Sep­tem­ber 11 attacks on the World trade Cen­ter come to mind, many of us tend to for­get about the unsuc­cess­ful bomb­ing attempt in 1993.
Déjà vu is a strange phe­nom­e­non that even the most skep­ti­cal, fact dri­ven human has trou­ble explain­ing. We won’t get metaphor­i­cal on you, but it’s an almost inex­plic­a­ble sen­sa­tion that some attribute to a greater mean­ing than the hap­pen­stance of the moment. In the 1998 movie the Matrix, that feel­ing was described as “a glitch in the matrix” and “it hap­pens when they change some­thing”, says Trin­ity.
Iron­i­cally, that descrip­tion fits the feel­ing one gets after see­ing the par­al­lels that emerge when com­par­ing the 2001 World Trade Cen­ter attack the unsuc­cess­ful 1993 attempt.

The 1993 attack was an oper­a­tion that was a con­trolled scheme put together by fed­eral agents which only needed the help of unwit­ting peo­ple on the ground, who com­monly fall in to 1 of 2 cat­e­gories, either the use­ful idiot or worse, the patsy. The use­ful idiot, while a crass term, is apro­pos because while that per­son may be intel­li­gent, they do not make the men­tal link that they’re about to be framed for a crime. This type of per­son does not need to be coaxed or encour­aged to do the crim­i­nal act and espe­cially if they sym­pa­thize with the cause polit­i­cally or reli­giously.
The patsy, by com­par­i­son, is tar­geted for hav­ing either a lower IQ or for being psy­cho­log­i­cally vul­ner­a­ble to a han­dler. This tac­tic has been used count­less times by intel­li­gence agen­cies and law enforce­ment. It does have some legit­i­macy as a way to ascer­tain guilt but can back­fire as it cre­ates an unsta­ble men­tal envi­ron­ment in that person’s mind and they must be kept under a watch­ful eye because if they do get away, it’s like los­ing one of their government-built bombs, very dan­ger­ous.

Now to the 9 men who played a role in the 1993 bomb­ing, they are listed below:
Ramzi Yousef, a.k.a. Abdul Basit Karim– the key man; likely Iraqi agent.
El Sayid Nosair– mur­derer of Rabbi Meir Kahane, bomb plot ini­tia­tor.
Emad Salem– For­mer Egypt­ian Mil­i­tary offi­cer turned FBI infor­mant with ties to Egypt­ian intel­li­gence.
Mohammed Salameh– Pales­tin­ian fun­da­men­tal­ist, Nosair accom­plice and early plot­ter.
Musab Yasin– Iraqi with New Jer­sey apart­ment where Yousef first went.
Abdul Rah­man Yasin– Musab’s brother, led FBI to apart­ment where bomb was made.
Nidal Ayyad– Pales­tin­ian fun­da­men­tal­ist con­victed in the World Trade Cen­ter bomb­ing.
Mah­mud Abu Hal­ima– Egypt­ian fun­da­men­tal­ist cab dri­ver con­victed in the World Trade Cen­ter bomb­ing.
Eyyad Ismail–Pales­tin­ian from Jor­dan charged with hav­ing dri­ven the van.
While each one of them has notable facts about them, for pur­pose of this arti­cle, Emad Salem is the main focus. He was a for­mer Egypt­ian mil­i­tary vet­eran with ties to Egypt­ian intel­li­gence, who even­tu­ally found him­self as an FBI infor­mant installed as one of the group lead­ers with this case. As a pre­cau­tion, he taped all his encoun­ters with FBI offi­cials.

For approx­i­mately two months prior to the bomb­ing, the FBI sat back and watched as the pat­sies put together the pro­vided mate­ri­als needed for the bomb­ing.

Salem became increas­ingly wor­ried the longer the oper­a­tion dragged on. Salem was under the impres­sion that the bomb wasn’t sup­posed to be real, as he thought it was just part of a sting oper­a­tion. As the attack drew closer, Salem began to get wor­ried and made sure to tape the con­ver­sa­tions he had with any­one offi­cial, just in case.

The group rented stor­age space that was used as a stag­ing area for the bomb and sub­se­quent load­ing of it into a Ryder rental van. The ter­ror­ists drove the 1,500-pound urea-nitrate bomb into the base­ment area of the World Trade Cen­ter, parked, set the fuse and left. The explo­sion rocked the World Trade Cen­ter how­ever the attempt to top­ple the WTC as a com­bi­na­tion of fac­tors pre­vented the bomb from caus­ing crit­i­cal struc­tural fail­ure, although six peo­ple were killed and 1000+ were injured in the mis­fired blast. An FBI explo­sives expert later stated that, “if they had found the exact archi­tec­tural Achilles’ heel or if the bomb had been a lit­tle bit big­ger, not much more, 500 pounds more, I think it would have brought her down.”

The FBI was her­alded by the main­stream media for it’s “quick work” in crack­ing the case, but that was until infor­ma­tion related to the actual events could not be obscured any longer. We now know these 9 men were, in real­ity, a com­bi­na­tion of infor­mants, use­ful idiots and pat­sies for the FBI.

Let’s come back to Emad Salem who was in con­tact with a direct FBI han­dler for most of that period. The FBI team then sat back and allowed the team to make the bomb while keep­ing Salem con­fused as to what was hap­pen­ing. The key nar­ra­tive in this is that the FBI could have pre­vented the bomb from det­o­nat­ing how­ever, they demanded Salem let the attack con­tinue, which he did. Even after­wards, the bureau tried to cover it up.
It is pub­lic knowl­edge that this group was selected, groomed and enabled by the feds. The court doc­u­ments show it, the news­pa­pers chron­i­cled it and the nightly news immor­tal­ized it, but this infor­ma­tion has been hid­den from view for most peo­ple.
This was a false flag oper­a­tion where the FBI worked right along side the men they were fram­ing, right up until the moment that the plot became oper­a­tional and then, they made sure that it pro­ceeded. They trained the sup­posed ter­ror­ists and allowed them to orches­trate the attack in order to prop­a­gate fear through­out the nation that Mid­dle East­ern ter­ror­ists wanted to kill Amer­i­cans, sim­i­lar to the sen­ti­ment inspired by the 9/11 attacks.
To drive this point home, con­sider the 2002 60 Min­utes inter­view of Abdul Rah­man Yasin.

Yasin con­firms that Yousef was the maker of the bomb used in the attack and that Yousef learned the process in a ter­ror­ist camp in Peshawar, Pak­istan, before enter­ing the United States.

“He said that in Peshawar there were schools that taught” bomb-making.

Asked if he knew that Yousef had been trained to come to the United States as a ter­ror­ist to make bombs and blow things up, Yasin says, “I knew that after I started work­ing with them.“

Yasin was picked up by the FBI a few days after the bomb­ing in an apart­ment in Jer­sey City, N.J., that he was shar­ing with his mother. He was so help­ful and coöper­a­tive, giv­ing the FBI names and addresses, that they released him.
Yasin says he was even dri­ven back home in an FBI car.

Con­sid­er­ing this pat­tern of events, you should be get­ting that nag­ging feel­ing of déjà vu right about now.

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