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The video below is an Bill O’Reilly interview with actor James Woods from The O’Reilly Factor, February 14, 2002.

The main question this video raises is did the incident James Woods reported to the flight crew get passed on to the FBI before the attacks? Based on the response Woods got from the FBI after the fact, it would seem that report never made it. He also corrects a rumor in saying that he didn’t notify the FBI beforehand. One thing that stands out though is how could the FBI confirm that was the crew if their “Commission Report” names weren’t on the official 9/11 manifests or on the August 2001 lists? Without foreknowledge or classified communication? That last statement is not to say that the hijackers didn’t make that trip, it’s meant to make you think about the people who could have known beforehand.

This video may seem innocuous but Woods mentioned he noticed one specific thing about the demeanor of the hijackers.

WOODS: Well, so — they said to me, you know, “What made — what did you think these guys were?” I said, well, I thought they were either four law enforcement officers or four terrorists in that they had that thing that — guys who are undercover or on a mission have between each other. And it’s impossible to explain.

The difference in that can be parsed by analyzing the mindset of the 9/11 Commission’s hijacker list. The profile of the group was of Muslim men fueled by hatred of America (justifiably so is for another debate) and varying degrees of religious fervor. But consider what’s been reported from various outlets. These 4 may have been the cell leaders and more apt to be government informants or unknowingly a patsy, which would fit the pattern of them having an operational mindset. You decide which category the hijackers are more likely to fall into.

There are many reports of seedy behavior from the alleged hijackers, some report different behavior patterns than others. The passage below is from a Infowars article. They too express concerns about the validity of the reports and attribute it to possible disinfo based on the mainstream media reports at the time.

The 9-11 highjackers, all supposed devout Muslims, were reported as visiting several strip clubs from California to Florida, and several places in between. The most infamous visit of all was the alleged Pink Pony Stripclub event by Mohammed Atta and others who are alleged to have been drunk and bragging about what they were about to do. And, of course, at least one account had them leaving a Koran behind in the club. But this was hardly the only case of Muslims terrorists being connected to strip clubs and pornography.

Remember, some of the hallmarks of disinformation is that it smears by mere association and conflicts to cause uncertainty and confusion. Disinformation is best when it is allegedly “leaked” on a day by day basis for that “drip, drip, drip” effect. By the time its over its all you can do to lift your hands over your head and give up, having been washed over by waves and waves of things that conflict yet eventually merge together.  Who knows if this story is factual or created, but the drip, drip, drip effect with all of this information is undeniable.

The History Commons website reported that 9-11 Hijacker Jarrah stayed in Jacksonville, Florida for unknown reasons several times, and frequented a local stripclub there:

“After returning to the US for the fifth time, 9/11 hijacker Ziad Jarrah flies immediately to Jacksonville, Florida, where he stays at the Ramada Inn for a week. He had previously visited Jacksonville (see January 22-26, 2001), as had Mohamed Atta and Marwan Alshehhi (see (October 2000)). While in Jacksonville, he frequents Wacko’s strip club. A worker there will later say that the FBI comes to the club after 9/11 to ask questions and show pictures “of the 9/11 terrorists,” and a dancer recognizes Jarrah from a photo line-up.”

History Commons also reproduced an FBI spreadsheet listing many of these activities, including a report that  on July 4th to the 27th, certain highjackers spent hundreds of dollars on pono movies and sex toys, and in the days leading up to the attacks on 9-11, that certain hijackers paid for sex with prostitutes,  In fact, the entire timeline and spreadsheet are replete with examples of alleged contact between 9-11 terrorists and strip clubs or strippers. View the entire timeline by clicking here.

Does this sound like the behavior of a group of devout Muslim men on a holy mission about to take on their final act of valor? It sounds more like a group of informants and mercenaries with corporate sponsorship stipends. Maybe it’s similar to the other image smear campaigns associated with false flag attacks as Infowars remarked. What’s clear is it does not seem like the behavior of the group of hijackers the 9/11 Commission Report would have you believe committed this crime.


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