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Yes, Charlie Sheen is crazy, and no 9/11 comments weren’t the only reason Sheen got blacklisted in Hollywood, but it’s a start.

What can happen when you are a notable celebrity and you question 9/11? It’s not a riddle, you don’t just get shunned, you get “sheened” as in Charlie Sheen.

Media initially panned him in 2006 after making his 9/11 truth opinions known.

The trouble for Charlie Sheen really started after his “20 minutes with the President” letter in which he called for a new investigation into the attacks. Sheen followed up with the September 2009 video statement with Alex Jones.

As my letter chronicles sir, the 9/11 Commission itself says they were lied to, deceived and essentially prevented from carrying out a real investigation.
The people of the United States and the world demand the truth Mr. President. You sir, have the power, as well as the responsibility, to initiate a truly independent congressional investigation into the events of 9/11 as well as its aftermath. We want our country back Mr. President. Therefore I’m not just calling on you and your team, I am calling on every each and every American citizen, to wake up, stand up and demand the truth, we are counting on your Mr. President… To be on the right side of history…
-Charlie Sheen

Hallmarks of 9/11 exile usually involve attacks from pundits like Greg Gutfeld here, illogical, opinionated articles, and in Sheen’s case, the loss of a gig. Losing his role on the popular sitcom Two and a Half Men was the finale, but that may have had more to do with other comments in this now infamous Feb 2011 Alex Jones interview as opposed to Sheen’s 9/11 views.

A video version of Charlie Sheen’s “20 minutes with the President”

2009 Letter Follow-up interview with Alex Jones

Showbiz Tonight talks about the controversy

Feb. 2011 Viral Interview


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