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The brain’s subconscious is powerful, but can be influenced easily by images and sounds. In a simplistic sense, the images or sounds slip past your conscious mind. This type of exposure can also desensitize a person to negative stimulus, like graphic violence.
Filmmakers, producers and other media professionals have become very adept at slipping images into programming in order to influence you. It may not be something sinister, but possibly just an advertisement.
“Predictive Programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by media and films to acquaint the public with planned societal changes so as to be implemented by our “leaders” unabated. If and when these changes are put to task, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as “natural progressions” thus lessening any possible public resistance or objection.
Hollywood is the magician’s wand (Holy-Wood), which has been used to cast a spell on the unsuspecting public. Things or ideas that would otherwise be seen as bizarre, vulgar, undesirable or impossible are inserted into films in the realm of fantasy. When the viewer watches these films, his/her mind is left open to suggestion and the conditioning process begins. These same movies, which are designed to program the average person, can give the discerning viewer a better understanding of the workings and the plan of the world agenda.” — Alan Watt
Predictive programming

The following is from an Infowars article discussing the episode of an X-Files spin-off in which terrorists plan to hijack planes by remote control and fly them into the Twin Towers. This episode aired 6 months before 9-11 (March 4, 2001). Actor Dean Haglund talks with Alex Jones about how the CIA introduced the script and later dropped stronger and stronger hints.

Haglund commented that he first became aware of Alex and the larger movement against the New World Order when he was working on the X-files and the Lone Gunmen due to the fact that the writers would often listen to shows like Alex’s to get inspiration for the plot lines and characters.

He believed, like many others, that the spin off The Lone Gunmen was actually a better show than the X-files because it was moving away from “the ghosts and the poo monsters” and more towards the government conspiracy theme. The TV Show certainly had an impact on someone because it was axed after one season despite the fact that ratings were high and the plot lines were cutting edge. Someone wanted it gone, particularly in the wake of 9/11.

Haglund went on to describe the pilot episode of the Gunmen in which the three character basically had to stop a plane from flying into the World Trade Centre.

The pilot episode for ‘The Lone Gunmen‘ (an X-Files spin off) featured an extremely eerie plot where a government faction posing as terrorists hijack a 727 by remote control and attempt to fly it into the World Trade Center

This was aired [six] months before the event actually happened. Haglund’s character manages to gain control of the aircraft seconds before it hits and averts disaster.

“Part of the plot, as it said in the script was that this event would be used to start an international war on terror.” he commented.

How is this possible?

A small faction within the government wanted to carry this out in order to create a new enemy and prevent the arms trade going flat after the end of the Cold War. The cover to make everyone stand down in the episode and allow the attack to succeed was the wargames scenario that also actually happened on 9/11.

From the pilot for ‘The Lone Gunmen’ – Orig. airdate March 4, 2001

Infowars also covers the military-industrial complex influence on movies and the industry at large.

The show was used to subconsciously manipulate people to believe that if these events did actually happen, it would be like a film, not a part of reality, therefore we should not worry too much. Anyone who would dare to say that the Government were responsible for such terrorist attacks would immediately be branded a “lunatic conspiracy theorist, like those guys from the X-Files.”

Interestingly, Haglund also revealed that representatives of the FBI and NASA would frequently approach X-Files series creator Chris Carter with plots for stories and noted also that CIA and other government officials frequented Hollywood parties to plant script ideas.

It is well-known that the Pentagon has a heavy influence in most big budget military films– trading access to bases, planes and other equipment for heavily influence and control of the message in scripts– and it is clear that such government forces meddle in other areas of media as well.

From other Hollywood productions

The Matrix (Warner Brothers 1999)

The passport– in Neo’s file– shows an expiration date of ’11 SEP 01,’ seemingly now an eerie coincidence found in the smallest of details.

Terminator 2 (Columbia Tristar 1991)

Enemy of the State (1998 Disney/Touchstone)

A politician played by Jon Voight has his birthday listed as September 11th, 1940

The Simpsons


Super Mario (Hollywood Pictures 1993)

The 13th Floor (Columbia Pictures 1999)

Die Hard (20th Century Fox 1988)

Die Hard 2 (20th Century Fox 1990)

Armageddon (Disney/Touchstone 1998)

The camera pans past the countdown just as it passes 9:11 left.

Problem Child (Universal 1990)

The Healy’s live at house number 911. John Ritter, father in the movie, had a girl in real life, Stella, born on 9/11/98. Strangely, 5 years later suddenly and suspiciously John died on 9/11/03. This may be a mere coincidence, but numerology is important in Hollywood’s occult events.

Gremlins 2 (Warner Bros. 1990)

Independence Day (20th Century Fox 1996)

Godzilla (Columbia Tristar 1998)

The Patriot (Columbia 2000)

The Peacemaker (Dreamworks 1997)

Traffic (IEG, USA Films 2000)

Ernest Goes To Jail (Touchstone 1990)

In this movie scene, the file cabinets strategically chase Ernest into a bank safe. In the process, the file cabinets line up with the ad in the back ground to create the visual image. The ironic part is that the ad is for American Airlines.

Watch the scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azye5xSE … age#t=381s

Even if some of the instances are just a coincidence, they can’t all be accidental. If you weren’t counting, the studio with the most was Columbia, ironically which is the name of an “illuminati goddess” representing misinformation.


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