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Today’s topic is one that has been the target of debunking by many “anti-truthers” and still persists after being confirmed by a few trusted sources. The weeks leading up to 9/11 had a number of unannounced, unusual security and safety drills at the World Trade Center. At WTF News, we don’t get caught up in complete speculation as that is a waste of everyone’s time, instead we break things down to see if there is actually a possible practical, reasonable explanation behind the controversy.

The major problem a lot of people have with the notion that some sort of explosives were planted is how could anyone have done this without arousing suspicion. That is a valid question to ask of any 9/11 theory. The common themes that debunkers fall back on are mainly centered around how explosives could be planted without knowledge and subsequently how they could have avoided detection until the fateful Tuesday morning.

Numerous documentaries, including the various iterations of Loose Change have covered the many drills where security protocols were adjusted or tested. Many of these drills involved preparedness exercises which would require the shifting of resources from their normal posts, or exiting the buildings altogether.

A very curious move was documented by Newsday on September 12, 2001, at a time when very few papers wanted to run stories about eerie coincidences, and because of the scant documented evidence available on the internet, we defer to an old Infowars article. The heightened security, including many bomb-sniffing dogs, that had been in place at WTC was abruptly ended as a security guard noted. Debunkers commonly point to these dogs as evidence that explosives in the tower were not possible, but get quiet when this report comes up.

Daria Coard, 37, a guard at Tower One, said the security detail had been working 12-hour shifts for the past two weeks because of numerous phone threats. But on Thursday, bomb-sniffing dogs were abruptly removed.

“Today was the first day there was not the extra security,” Coard said. “We were protecting below. We had the ground covered. We didn’t figure they would do it with planes. There is no way anyone could have stopped that.”

Security guard Hermina Jones said officials had recently taken steps to secure the towers against aerial attacks by installing bulletproof windows and fireproof doors in the 22nd-floor computer command center…

Then there is the much maligned revelation from Scott Forbes. He was a senior database administrator for Fiduciary Trust, Inc. and worked on the 97th floor. He claims that most of the top half of the South Tower of WTC was “powered down” for about 36 hours on the weekend before 9/11. Something that should be verifiable is that the notice was said to come from the Port Authority itself. Forbes is one of the lone voices that talks about this specific incident and thus the reason for the consternation from both the truther and debunker movement alike. This report is foggy at best, but it seems to be consistent with, if not confirmed by, other accounts and details. Debunkers say that this would have made more news and definitely an interesting photo to have half a tower go dark. Forbes himself commented on that though saying that he couldn’t confirm if all floors about 48 had been powered down, he also went on to note that this didn’t mean there was no power at all. Emergency backup lighting and other basics like air conditioning still functioned it seems. Widely known WTC employee, hero and truther Willie Rodriguez also confirmed there were strange drills and power-off periods prior to 9/11. Rodriguez also witnessed many strange events surrounding empty space and sometimes whole floors being vacant including the 34th floor which was not even accessible by elevator. He noted one instance where he heard very strange noises and was so bothered that he didn’t attempt to investigate, just made a report to his superiors. The nature of these floors being empty would grant considerable access to the central support columns of the towers with minimal scrutiny.

For more confirmation of the power down, see fellow Fiduciary employee Gary Corbett talk about it as well. While we are assigning possible links, this could be classified as disinfo or two guys who got together to backup each other’s story, but watch the videos below and you decide.

Scott Forbes’ take

Gary Corbett

Read more below about this mysterious event from the Victor Thorn article which is now unavailable on the web.

Forbes stated that Fiduciary Trust was one of the WTC’s first occupants after it was erected, and that a “power-down” had never been initiated prior to this occasion. He also stated that his company put forth a huge investment in time and resources to take down their computer systems due to the deliberate power outage. This process, Forbes recalled, began early Saturday morning (September 8th) and continued until mid-Sunday afternoon (September 9th) – approximately 30 hours. As a result of having its electricity cut, the WTC’s security cameras were rendered inoperative, as were its I.D. systems, and elevators to the upper floors.

Forbes did stress, though, that there was power to the WTC’s lower floors, and that there were plenty of engineers going in-and-out of the WTC who had free access throughout the building due to its security system being knocked out. In an e-mail to journalist John Kaminski, author of The Day America Died (Sisyphus Press) and America’s Autopsy Report (Dandelion Books), Forbes wrote: “Without power there were no security cameras, no security locks on doors, and many, many ‘engineers’ coming in and out of the tower.”

Forbes didn’t think much of these occurrences at the time, and said that he worked until Monday morning (September 10th) to get all the computer systems back online. Due to his IT-related duties on Saturday & Sunday, Forbes had Tuesday, September 11th off, and thus watched the World Trade Center towers collapse from his apartment. While doing so, he recalled, “I was convinced immediately that something was happening related to the weekend work.”

In addition, Forbes says there were other peculiarities revolving around this unreported event, including:

1) Fiduciary employees trapped between the 90-97th floors of the South Tower told family members (via cell-phone calls) that they were hearing “bomb-like explosions” throughout the towers.

2) Video cameras positioned atop the World Trade Center which were used to feed daily images to local television stations were inexplicably inoperative that morning.

3) A Fiduciary employee who was on one of the lower floors and escaped immediately after the first (North) tower was struck, reported that he was amazed by the large number of FBI agents that were already on the streets surrounding the WTC complex only minutes after the initial strike.

4) Last but not least, Ann Tatlock, CEO of Fiduciary Trust and now a board member of Franklin Templeton, had just arrived at a conference hosted by Warren Buffet at the Offutt Air Force Base (home of the U.S. Strategic Command Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska) when the 9-11 attacks took place. Coincidentally, later that day President George W. Bush flew into this very same base on Air Force One for “security reasons.” Even more chilling are the Offutt AFB ties to the CIA’s MK ULTRA experiments, Project Monarch, the Franklin Cover-Up, and the diabolical practices of Michael Aquino. (Type any of these words into a search engine for more information.)

In the end, Forbes says that even though these disclosures could jeopardize his current employment, he has stepped forward because, “I have mailed this information to many people, including the 9/11 Commission, but no one seems to be registering these facts.”

As you can see from the excerpt above, there is more to the story of Fiduciary Trust, which is something that will be discussed later in this campaign, for now we will just discuss the possible power down.

Corbett also spoke of the “tech guys” not normally there in the office on that day. There was an emergency drill being run by Fiduciary Trust which required their assistance. Notable reporter Webster Tarpley has also commented on this in an article highlighting strange drills of all varieties. As he says below, it could have been a good opportunity to ties up loose ends like the Oracle specialists present, given that Oracle has strong ties to many governments.

WTC Emergency Drill for computer specialists and consultants: this exercise was held in the WTC South Tower, in the 97th floor offices of Fiduciary Trust Co., at 8 AM on 9/11. Among those present were computer specialists from Oracle Corp. of California; six consultants were reported killed. [68]

One of the potential problems faced by the 9/11 coup planners was how to silence inherently unreliable outside contractors from the private sector who had been part of the preparations for 9/11, and who might figure out in retrospect how their work had been a part of the terrorist attacks. If they did not share the ideological agenda of the putsch, they might have talked. This drill may represent a way that some of them were liquidated. The tech-heavy passenger list for American 77, which took off from Washington Dulles and disappeared, may also reflect an effort to have some of the unwitting or partially witting contributors to 9/11 get hoist with their own petard.

The New York Times and the release of 911 tapes confirmed that these employees were in fact there.

Scott Forbes stated multiple times that he sent his accounts to the 9/11 Commission numerous times. Here is a copy of the email he sent to journalist John Kaminski, which was subsequently forwarded to many in the 9/11 Truth community. Forbes wrote to the Port Authority and to the 9/11 Commission to bring his suspicions about the power down to their attention. He never received any acknowledgement of his letters, and no mention of any of this made it into the 9/11 Commission Report.

Subject: Official Verison of 9/11 – new info
Date: Mon, 19 Apr 2004 12:35:12 +0000

To John Kaminski,

I was pleased to read your article “The Official Version of 9/11 is a Hoax”
… Please note some other facts. My name is Scott Forbes and I still work
for Fiduciary Trust. In 2001 we occupied floors 90 and 94-97 of the South
Tower and lost 87 employees plus many contractors.

On the weekend of 9/8,9/9 there was a ‘power down’ condition in WTC tower 2,
the south tower. This power down condition meant there was no electrical
supply for approx 36hrs from floor 50 up. I am aware of this situation since
I work in IT and had to work with many others that weekend to ensure that
all systems were cleanly shutdown beforehand … and then brought back up
afterwards. The reason given by the WTC for the power down was that cabling
in the tower was being upgraded … Of course without power there were no
security cameras, no security locks on doors and many, many ‘engineers’
coming in and out of the tower. I was at home on the morning of 9/11 on the
shore of Jersey City, right opposite the Towers, and watching events unfold
I was convinced immediately that something was happening related to the
weekend work …

I have mailed this information to many people and bodies, including the 9/11
Commission but no-one seems to be taking and registering these facts. What’s
to hide? Can you help publicise them?

Please feel free to mail me.

Scott Forbes

So how could these drills possibly be coordinated with planting of explosives? The 9/11 Commission also documented the improved safety procedures as a result of the 1993 bombing, these included evacuation drills approximately “twice a year”. There would be significant notice for these drills if the right people were looking for it.

Consider this fact that’s been hidden by media and the 9/11 Commission. Marvin P. Bush, the president’s younger brother, was a principal in a company called Securacom that provided security for the World Trade Center, United Airlines, and Dulles International Airport. The company, Burns noted, was backed by KuwAm, a Kuwaiti-American investment firm on whose board Marvin Bush also served.

Some truthers have contributed to disinfo related to this by claiming Marvin Bush was head of security, but this is not the case, he was on the board of the company. With that said, that is still quite an extraordinary link to be explored. It’s not hard to imagine that a board member could have significant influence over personnel and events at the company, especially in this case where it just takes a few phone calls here and there to shift resources around at timely points.

The mainstream media coverage of this is almost non-existant, but it is a fact nonetheless. This 2003 article is one of the few still on the web that highlights this. Just the nature of Bush’s proximity to security procedures is enough to raise a red flag. We will cover the Marvin Bush connections later in our campaign, but it is inextricably linked to this issue so we had to include something about it here.

Getting back to the totality of these events, many 9/11 truth critics say that it would take much longer than a few windows of a couple of hours to days in length, to place the explosives needed. Just keep some of these things in mind. The nature of the explosives used are widely believed to be thermite based, specifically nano-thermite and some have brought up the gel based sprays which could have been used. High grade compounds like this would require significantly less time, materials and manpower to place at the critical spots. The operation could have been planned so that undetectable components could be placed first with the detectable explosives placed closer to the attack and while a lax security window was open. The time would also be cut down by having highly trained individuals execute this portion, something which is not far-fetched given the financing behind this plot. We won’t get into the specifics of this now as this is yet again something to be covered later in this list.

One thing that is clear is that many fishy things occurred in the weeks leading up to the attacks.


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