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Almost 2 months after 9/11, on Nov. 1st 2001, Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced that approximately $200 million dollars in gold and silver had been recovered in the rubble. What he neglected to tell the world was the conditions in which it was found. This all began when the FBI and Secret Service had been “tipped off by the owners where the gold was buried” report the Times of London. The reported numbers were 379,036 ounces of gold, 23689.75 lbs, almost 12 tons, a sizable amount of gold and even more silver at almost 29,942,619 ounces, worth just over $100 million also. This amount matches a report from Bank of Nova Scotia, but the facts and reports suggest that a larger amount of precious metals and other valuables maybe have disappeared.

Another entity reported to be storing valuables there was COMEX, a division of the CME Group which handles most commodity trades. This is a source of controversy as some say there is no discrepancy and the $200 million+ attributed to Bank of Nova Scotia was the whole amount, but we’ll present the facts and let you decide.

The fact of the matter is there was a huge amount of storage space under the whole World Trade Center complex. To quote the NY Times, just the basement areas “enclosed twice as much space as the entire Empire State Building” and by comparison the main vault in question, and pictured up top, was approximately 6,000 sq ft spread over 2 levels. Clearly there was more space for storage of the kind of valuables that numerous papers described and various entities admitted. It’s really actually naive to believe that the totals in the Bank of Nova Scotia vault were the total volume of precious metals stored below the WTC complex considering the large amount of space available and that the other things admittedly stored there. Consider the following from the New York Times.

Nearly a quarter of a mile below the spectacular vistas from the towers was their upside-down attic dropping 70 feet below the ground, a strange world with enough room for fortunes in gold and silver, for Godiva chocolates, assault weapons, old furniture, bricks of cocaine, phony taxicabs and Central Intelligence Agency files. With so many people still lost, the owners of this stuff have maintained a discreet silence during the recovery operations. But that doesn’t mean they’re not interested.

The article went on to talk about the “armada of government vehicles, including dozens owned by the Secret Service, in a fenced-off area” and a limousine “used to carry heads of state visiting the city” said Tony Ball, a spokesman for the Secret Service. There were drugs, weapons and contraband seized by the Customs Service at the region’s airports and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms also lost two evidence vaults, according to a spokesman for that agency, Joseph Green. There were maybe 200 to 400 guns, ranging from small-caliber semiautomatic pistols to assault rifles, “a few were recovered”. Clearly there was a lot down there, but let’s stick with the money for right now.

The controversy in between truthers and debunkers stems from the fact that we can’t even get an accurate read on what amount was allegedly down there and actually recovered, and later in this piece, in what condition. The truth movement has pointed out reports that show COMEX was also holding a sizable amount of gold, silver and other valuables, by some estimates, totaling $750 million+ of precious metals. So there in lies $1 billion+ worth of questions, the discrepancy coming in whether the Bank of Nova Scotia gold was part of that held by COMEX for clients.

The first conclusion we can make is that the $200 million+ amount admittedly recovered was split between gold and silver and looking at the numbers of ounces reported to be found, that matches up. What doesn’t match up is that amount to the COMEX estimates. Some reports prior to the attack suggest that nearly $1 billion in precious metals was stored in multiple vaults. A figure of $650 million in a National Real Estate Investor article published after the attack is apparently based on pre-attack reports. It is widely known that the “collapsed buildings contained a number of vaults and strongrooms”, as the Times of London reported. That same article, among other reports, gives the following rundown of precious metals being stored in multiple vaults.

Comex metals trading – 3,800 100 troy-ounce gold bars weighing 12 tonnes (worth more than $100 million)
Comex clients – 800,000 ounces of gold with a value of about $220 million
Comex clients – 102 million ounces of silver, worth $430 million
Bank of Nova Scotia – $200 million of gold

The Times article is not clear as to whether the $200 million in gold reported by the Bank of Nova Scotia was part of the $220 million in gold held by Comex for clients. If so, the total is $750 million+; otherwise $950 million. The best case scenario is that the $100 million+ in Nova Scotia gold and $100 million+ in silver leaves a COMEX overhang of $100 million+ in gold and $330 million or so in silver. In ounces, it’s about 430,000 ounces of gold and 70 million ounces of silver unaccounted for in addition to what may be $200 million in gold specifically for Bank of Nova Scotia and the 3800 gold bars for COMEX metal trading. To play devil’s advocate, the 3800 gold bar line is about the same as 379,036 ounces admitted to be found, which is in fact almost 12 tons. Maybe the reports circling around that day are confusing the info and there has been a phantom amount of gold included. Even if that were the case, the above mentioned shortfalls would still exist, and at a minimum we’re talking about that 430,000 ounces of gold and 70 million ounces of silver. So where did it go?

First, understand the circumstances the gold/silver when it was found. By all reports, this gold was found in the tunnel under WTC Building 5, NOT below WTC 4 where the one admitted vault was. See the picture below for reference.

This is where the disconnect starts to point towards misconduct of some kind. All impartial reports have it that the bullion was found in that delivery tunnel in the back of a truck. Defenders of the government story say the reports don’t say the gold was in the back of the truck or they point to the Bank of Nova Scotia statements that the gold was in the one vault they used. Consider the excerpt from the Times Of London and echoed by the Daily News, New York Times, AFP, The New Yorker and others removed from the web. Basically the bullion was in the back of a 10-wheel truck headed away from the vault in that delivery tunnel, with other cars escorting it.

The gold, which was discovered on Tuesday, was being transported through the basement of the building on the morning of September 11. Recovery workers reached a service tunnel and discovered a ten-wheel lorry and a number of cars which had been crushed by falling steel.

A temporary ramp was built to gain access to the tunnel and a small bulldozer was used to break through a wall. Then a team of police and firefighters arrived to put the gold into an armoured bullion lorry. Other workers were told to make themselves scarce. “If I tried to go down there they would have shot me,” one said.

The feds also clearly knew where it was after being tipped off to the location and probably working with the “owners” to recover it.

Officials got to the gold through that tunnel yesterday, after workers hauled out a 10-wheel truck, several crushed cars and mounds of other debris.

No bodies were recovered during the operation.

Authorities realized they were close to the gold yesterday morning and began restricting access to the north side of Ground Zero as FBI and Secret Service agents joined cops and firefighters at the site.

So why question what Bank of Nova Scotia and the feds say? They clearly did not want information about the whereabouts and condition getting out. Multiple entities had already hidden a break in attempt on the main vault Bank of Nova Scotia admitted to hold gold.

About two weeks ago, a security team spotted scorch marks on a basement doorway below 4 World Trade Center…

They had not been noticed by a patrol team a few hours earlier, and behind the damaged — but intact — door were nearly a thousand tons of gold and silver. To security officials, it looked as if someone had tried to break in.

Within hours, a video surveillance system was installed to keep at least an electronic eye on the precious metals until their custodian, the Bank of Nova Scotia, had a chance to remove them. That work began this week.

As far as Bank of Nova Scotia, they gave conflicting reports, beginning on Oct 30th when this gold was found and it seemed like the bank was being surprised with media calls. The statements match a pattern of conflicts from a spokesperson while the company figures out exactly what the “truth” is.

It’s probably not her fault, but Pam Agnew, a bank spokeswoman, gave some conflicting statements to the New York Times.

Asked about what appeared to be an attempted break-in two weeks ago, Ms. Agnew said that she was unaware of it. Later, she called to reiterate that the metals were safe: ”It would be factually incorrect to say there had been any attempt to steal the contents of our vault.”

Both of those conflicted with her statement to the New York Daily News. The Oct. 31 Daily News article said “Bank spokeswoman Pam Agnew said last night that she was unaware any gold had been found” which suggests one of two things. She was commenting on the gold found in the tunnel, it wasn’t theirs and that it was separate from the $200 million+ supposedly safe in their vault, or they were covering up something to do with their gold/silver.

“The contents remain safe and intact,” Ms. Agnew said. “The contents are fully insured. We’re working very closely with local authorities to ensure a safe and secure relocation effort.”

“The removal of the contents was not a priority for us because we’ve always known it was safe and secure,” Ms. Agnew said.

That suggests there was no hurry either because they knew exactly where the bullion was and the feds kept it quiet once it was found. Either way, where did the tunnel gold lodes come from and who did they belong to? The size was enough to require at least two trips to a Brooklyn vault to secure it.

The reports all point to something similar to what Loose Change mentioned. The truck, cars and gold/silver were abandoned as no bodies were found at the scene. The Loose Change conclusions may have been exaggerated but we agree with them that the bodies that go with those trucks weren’t found because they knew the towers were coming down and fled on foot. Of course then there’s who warned them, who took the gold and why did time run out on them as they were extracting the gold. The fact that the vault door had to be rewired with electricity says that somehow the vault door was re-locked prior to that lost load leaving and whoever it was didn’t want the remainder stolen while they transported that load.

As a final thought on the multiple vaults in the basements, former mob boss Tony Gambino, declared in a 2007 radio interview:

“I know for a fact that Bush [and other] U.S. government leaders had prior knowledge and helped organize 9-11. They did it for many obvious reasons, one being to instigate a war in Iraq. But they also did it to get their hands on all the gold that was hidden below the [WTC].”

Gambino claims that his grandfather’s construction company built the WTC and installed underground vaults to warehouse vast quantities of gold, where it was later stolen on 9-11.

That may sound outlandish but why make it up? The evidence also begins to stack up in that direction when you put it all together. At least $400 million in 2001 dollars of gold and silver disappeared that day it seems. Then there’s an alternative, maybe it was some of the fraudulent phantom metal that never really existed except on paper. Maybe you’ll just choose to not question the nonsensical official story.


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