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Ernie Stuhl, the mayor of Shanksville: “I know of two people — I will not mention names — that heard a missile. They both live very close, within a couple of hundred yards… This one fellow’s served in Vietnam and he says he’s heard them, and he heard one that day.” He adds that based on what he has learned, F-16’s were “very, very close.” [Philadelphia Daily News, 11-15-01]

From an excellent Flight 93 timeline
As the official fairy tale goes, Flight 93 took off from Newark and was hijacked over Cleveland, where the plane reversed direction and headed for Washington. The flight path was long enough for the passengers to attempt cell and airphone calls which allegedly got through.
The Hollywood ending of the story is that the heroic average guy Americans “cowboy-ed up” and re-took the plane in true American bad ass fashion. The movie script ends with the plane crashing into a wholesome Pennsylvania rural field instead of the intended target, the White House.
Sound familiar? That’s because the fake story was immortalized on film and entered in the historical record for future generations.

Flight 93’s Official Story

Newark to San Francisco (crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania)

The plane takes off from Newark at 8.42am. At 9.28 there are the first audible signs of problems, in background cockpit noise. Seven minutes later, the plane climbs without authorisation, before, at 9.36.31, turning off course.

During this time, two passengers make calls to their wives saying passengers are discussing how to stop hijackers; and a struggle – recorded by the cockpit voice recorder – occurs. At 10.00 the controller observes the plane is flying at 7,500 feet. Six minutes later the controller says the flight is down
The plane takes off from Newark at 8.42am. At 9.28 there are the first audible signs of problems, in background cockpit noise. Seven minutes later, the plane climbs without authorisation, before, at 9.36.31, turning off course.

During this time, two passengers make calls to their wives saying passengers are discussing how to stop hijackers; and a struggle – recorded by the cockpit voice recorder – occurs. At 10.00 the controller observes the plane is flying at 7,500 feet. Six minutes later the controller says the flight is down

The Commission report tells us 44 people were on a United Airlines plane leaving Newark, but once in the air, we have little clue as to what happened to them or the plane.
The following summary is an analysis of BTS data on flights showing curious departure times for N591UA (Flight 93) and similarly N594UA. There was also an emergency diversion of N591UA the day before, which many in the community feel is evidence of a plane swap. There are more pictures at this link.

591UA summary…

591UA arrived in Newark at 6:54
591UA left BOSTON at 7:39.

there are no record of departure from newark to BOS (before 19:40)
There are no records of arrival from Newark in BOS.

Question: How can a plane depart from an airport it never arrived at.
How could it leave from Boston at 7:39, if it arrived in Newark at 6:54 ?

departed ORD to EWR 10:43 (no arrival time in EWR diverted as flight 0640)
departed Newark to SFO 19:40 (5 hours late, 14:30 scheduled, as flight 0075)

Question: How can it depart Newark if it was diverted?
There are no records of it arriving in Newark.
If it did arrive in Newark why was it 5 hours late?

Question: If 594 departed at 11:12 then what plane arrived at 10:58
If a plane arrived in ORD that was not 594, was it 591 ?
Was there another plane introduced in Chicago at this time?
Why was 594 not seen in the stats for a period after 911 ?
Why were 4 planes cancelled and 1 diverted(591) from Chicago to Newark on the 10th ?
Why did flight 11 and 77 not show up in the BTS database until recently ?

This site here shines even more light on the Flight 93 mystery of the previous 24 hours. It was spotted at 2 different airports allegedly and the BTS data confirms it. There’s a number of other facts about the ownership and debt of N591UA and its relation to Warren Buffett. It appears that this could have been a plane swap or modification related to the emergency diversion on September 10th where the plane was prevented from landing in Newark. There’s also some question about the nature of Flight 93’s history, as it didn’t exist a few months earlier. This article is specifically focused on the events surrounding the “crash” though.

The evidence many present for the official story are the victims, their families and the phone calls. As far as evidence, people heard a voice they thought to be their loved one in a tense conversation. The short nature of the calls didn’t leave much room for specifics, in short, the calls were probably faked.
David Griffin wrote an in depth piece on the cell phone calls, most from Flight 93.

If all the calls (except the two at 9:58) were made from onboard phones, as the FBI’s report for the Moussaoui trial says, why did some of the calls produce the supposed caller’s cell phone number on the recipient’s Caller ID?

Tom Burnett: The best-known case of this type involves the reported calls from Flight 93 passenger Tom Burnett to his wife, Deena Burnett. As we saw earlier, she told the FBI agent that she had received three to five calls from her husband that morning. The FBI report then added:

“Burnett was able to determine that her husband was using his own cellular telephone because the caller identification showed his number, 925 980-3360. Only one of the calls did not show on the caller identification as she was on the line with another call.”65

According to the report presented to the Moussaoui trial, however, Tom Burnett completed three calls, all of which were made using a passenger-seat phone (the rows from which he allegedly made the calls are indicated).66

A CNN article after the release of the Commission report even called the prevailing notion into doubt.

“The hijackers remained at the controls but must have judged that the passengers were only seconds from overcoming them,” the report concludes.

“The airplane headed down; the control wheel was turned hard to the right. The airplane rolled onto its back, and one of the hijackers began shouting, ‘Allah is the greatest. Allah is the greatest.’

“With the sounds of the passenger counter-attack continuing, the aircraft plowed into an empty field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, at 580 miles per hour, about 20 minutes’ flying time from Washington, D.C.”

The report says Jarrah intended to fly the plane into the White House or the U.S. Capitol. “He was defeated by the alerted, unarmed passengers of United 93,” the report says.

If CNN is openly asking the question who actually brought down Flight 93, shouldn’t that call into doubt a larger part of the story?
In the physical world we occupy, there are only 3 sets of possibilities that could match the scenario of United Flight 93.

The plane that took off from Newark either:
1. crashed in Shanksville, matching the official report
2. was shot down over PA
3. or a drone was shot down with the real plane unaccounted for after that.

Video in support of official story

Videos like these are all over Youtube but all of them repeat the same information which is inconclusive or wrong. As the video says, to claim there was no wreckage is a like, but the video claims 95% of the plane was recovered, which is wholly false. Looking at the pictures, you can only see 2 or 3 major sections of the plane in the footage the video shows. No tail section, no wings, very little of the fuselage, only a piece of an engine and everything else was a bunch of scraps.
The debris is the smoking gun.

Here is a map showing how it has been scattered over a wide area.

Officials also have contradicted each other in comedic fashion, some even saying that the cockpit broke off as the plane did a partial cartwheel and the rest of the debris ended up in the hole. Read more below in this Killtown article.

Even more absurd and laughable than the unbelievable official claim that 80% of Flight 93 had supposedly buried itself underground (which is still unproven btw) is the claim of what part of the thereby 20% of Flight 93 officials say didn’t get buried:

Coroner remembers Sept. 11 .
“It was a day the world will never forget, and as the events of Sept. 11, 2001, began to unfold, the last thing Somerset County Coroner Wallace “Wally” Miller ever expected was to be thrust into the middle of the fray.
Miller recalled his arrival at the crash site about 20 minutes after the plane plummeted to the earth and described how the aircraft came down at a 45-degree angle. He explained how the cockpit broke off at impact, bouncing into a wooded area of about 60 acres. The resulting fireball scorched about eight acres of trees, he said.
The remainder of the plane burrowed deep into the ground, creating a long, narrow crater.” – pittsburghlive.com (05-30-02)

Yep that’s right, they are saying Flight 93’s cockpit broke off and flew into the woods after it allegedly slammed into the ground at a blistering 580mph, the same ground that was supposedly so “soft” that the rest of the plane was able to easily burrow so far down into it that they had to dig 15ft below the shallow crater just to find it all.
And just look at the way Miller shows how he was told Flight 93 crashed to cause its cockpit to break off into the woods as he demonstrates it with his hands to researcher Domenick DiMaggio (aka “Terrorcell”) during their interview back in Sept. ’08:

The explanation was, when the plane came in, it was coming low. It banked at a 90deg angle — allegedly from the people, from the struggle in the cockpit.

The right wing hit the ground right there were the impact area is and as that happened, it took the front end…[does cartwheel hand gesture].

The front one-third of the plane, including the cockpit, slammed into the ground off of the wing and the front 1/3 broke off and flew up into the trees and there was a fireball behind it a and the remaining two-thirds went down in the ground.” – Wally Miller (Sept. 2008)
Began to cartwheel?
At 580mph??
With a force so strong that the rest of the plane behind it was able to bury itself so deep???

Now it’s obvious by Mr. Miller saying “the explanation was “that he was told about this incredible cockpit-broke-off-into-the-woods story by the FBI, who were in charge of the scene. But it’s puzzling why officials would describe to Miller a flight path that contradicts the flight path that would come from the alleged flight data recorder that shows the nose of the plane hitting the ground before the right wing!
And Miller was not the only local who was told of this unbelievable claim. Tim Lambert, one of the land owners of the area affected, was apparently told too and verifies that the cockpit-broke-off story came from the official investigators in charge of the scene:

Pennsylvania’s Ground Zero
Written by Tim Lambert
According to investigators, the cockpit of the aircraft separated from the plane upon impact and flew into the trees, where it disintegrated. The biggest portion of the aircraft that was recovered, a piece of the fuselage, was found after officials drained a pond some 2,500 yards away from the crater. The infamous three-page letter in Arabic encouraging the hijackers was also found nearby, along with credit cards and the plane’s black boxes.” witf.org

Flight 93 memorial gets a lift

“Tim Lambert, the owner of six acres of land at the crash site off Route 30 near Shanksville, officially donated the property for a memorial.

A reporter for a Harrisburg public radio station, Lambert said Flight 93’s impact hurled the plane’s cockpit and first-class section onto the wooded land that has been in his family since 1930.” – post-gazette.com (12-06-02)

Funny the FBI told this claim to the locals involved and didn’t directly report it to the media right away. The first news article that included this claim as part of the official story wasn’t until a year later and it was by a foreign news service!
“To the casual eye, it looked like solid, consolidated ground but in reality the reclaimed expanse was loose and uncompacted. When flight 93 hit the ground, the cockpit and first-class cabin broke off, scattered into millions of fragments that spread and flew like shrapnel into and through the trees 20 metres away.” – theage.com.au (09-09-02)
And if you thought this claim about the cockpit couldn’t get any wackier, check this out:
In the Senate of the United States
Monday, September 9, 2002
Hon. Dianne Feinstein of California

Madam President, I come to the floor today to honor the heroism of Alan Beaven–a Californian aboard flight 93 who helped prevent the terrorists from crashing another airplane into its intended target on September 11, 2001.
Even though Alan’s seat was in the back of the airplane, his remains were found in the cockpit at the crash site in Pennsylvania. The Beaven family has also heard Alan on the cockpit voice recorder, so it is clear that Alan, standing 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing over 200 pounds, fought with the hijackers.August 9, 2002.
Hon. Dianne Feinstein,
U.S. Senator,
Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC.

Dear Senator Feinstein: My father, Alan Beaven, was among those 33 passengers of United Airlines flight 93. Their hurried steps toward the cockpit were the first in an international campaign against the threat of fanatical hostility. For this they should be celebrated.
Secondly, my father’s remains were recovered in the front of the aircraft. Authorities confirmed that D.N.A. testing placed him in the cockpit at the time of impact. Again, given his seating placement, this evidence undoubtedly proves his centrality in the effort to regain custody of United’s flight 93.
Chris Beaven
August 1, 2002.

Hon. Dianne Feinstein,
U.S. Senate, Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, DC.

Dear Senator Feinstein: On April 18, 2002, in Princeton, NJ, I heard the voice of my husband, Alan Beaven, on the cockpit voice recorder of United Airlines flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, PA, on September 11, 2001.
As you know, Alan’s physical remains were found in the cockpit area of the plane. Alan was a 6 foot 3 inch, 205 lb powerful man.
Mrs. Kimberly Beaven.


Hon. Barbara Boxer
of California

Alan Beaven was one of many heroes on flight 93 who, aware of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, chose to fight back against the hijacking terrorists. His voice was recognized by his family on the cockpit voice recorder, and his remains were found in the wreckage of the cockpit. gpoaccess.gov
Uh, this sounds like they are saying the cockpit was actually still somewhat intact after the alleged crash if passenger remains* were found inside! So two questions, are the officials who told Mr. Beaven’s family members, who in turn seems to have told Senators Feinstein and Boxer, this saying this intact cockpit was above ground, or below ground, and are there any photos of this alleged still-intact cockpit allegedly with passenger remains found still inside because I GOT TO SEE THAT TO BELIEVE THIS WHOPPER OF A CLAIM?!!
Remember that officials are claiming they found only 8% of the 44 passenger’s total body mass at the scene.)
I first mentioned this unbelievable cockpit claim back in Nov. 2006 and again last March in my Boeing 757 Challenge, but it is still not very well known within the truth movement, so thought I’d give it the recognition it deserves. Hat tips to Terrorcell, sunshine05, and DoYouEverWonder for their interview and article finds.

What is certain is that an intact United Flight 93 did not purposely nosedive into the ground at full speed. The most likely scenario is that the plane was shot down and what was left of the broken wreckage fell to the ground.

Eyewitness accounts corroborate physical evidence that portions of the plane were destroyed in the air, consistent with a missile strike from a nearby military plane. These accounts support the following elements.

  • A white jet in pursuit of the jetliner
  • Peculiar engine sounds before the crash
  • Sounds of explosions before the plane fell from the sky
  • Appearances that the plane suddenly began to drop vertically

Consider the following quote printed in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review (9-14-2001).

After the explosion, she ran outside: “I thought somebody had blown up a boat on Indian lake. It just looked like confetti raining down all over the air above the lake.” –

That quote is featured in the following excerpt from a longer documentary seen below.

The entire video is proof that the plane was shot down and essentially shredded. The eyewitness reports also confirm multiple objects were flying in the sky and most of them were possibly moving faster that a airliner would. Those two premises put together equate to a missile of some kind not just shooting the plane down, but maybe high incendiary explosive as much of the plane was shredded. Consider the following CNN video proving that there was a second debris site from the crater people saw in the ground. The anchor and reporter discuss how most of the pieces were smaller than a briefcase.

Second debris field SIX MILES AWAY

It seems to me from covering a number of plane crashes on the scene that if nothing else, you can say this is not typical for a plane crash to be spread across an area this large.

It certainly doesn’t make sense because most of the debris has been found in a compact area within 100 or 200 yards a little beyond that, and then all of a sudden, they’re telling us 6 miles away they have another concentration of debris. It’s very small pieces, most of these are small pieces. Most of the pieces here are no bigger than the size of a briefcase they say and the pieces 6 miles away may be even smaller than that.

And as to whether it broke up, the FBI is being very tight-lipped about that.

Another man in the area describes airplane confetti too.

Eyewitness on CNN says debris scattered far from crash site

After saying he saw debris like “pieces of metal, paper, insulation, wiring” the witness said “I just looked around… and no people, and I thought, where are all the people?”

If there was so much debris, where were the larger pieces? Based on his specificity, he clearly only saw small pieces and would have noted larger plane parts.

The following video describes a man’s experience of the moment the missile was fired. The documentary video also documented witnesses describing what was a missile explosion.

Numerous eyewitness accounts never made it past the local news.

Several witnesses reported hearing bangs before seeing Flight 93 flying in an erratic manner. Some described the engines making strange sounds following the bangs.
But press the mayor for details, and he will add something surprising. “I know of two people — I will not mention names — that heard a missile,” Stuhl said. “They both live very close, within a couple of hundred yards.
.This one fellow’s served in Vietnam and he says he’s heard them, and he heard one that day.” The mayor adds that based on what he knows about that morning, military F-16 fighter jets were “very, very close.”

Laura Temyer and an unnamed male witness both describe two loud bangs before the crash.

Laura Temyer, who lives several miles north of the crash site in Hooversville, was hanging some clothes outside that morning when she heard an airplane pass overhead. That struck her as unusual since she’d just heard on TV that all flights were grounded.

“I heard like a boom and the engine sounded funny,” she told the Daily News. “I heard two more booms — and then I did not hear anything.”

What does Temyer think she heard? “I think the plane was shot down,” insists Temyer, who said she has twice told her story to the FBI. What’s more, she insists that people she knows in state law enforcement have told her the same thing, that the plane was shot down and that decompression sucked objects from the aircraft, explaining why there was
a wide debris field.

A witness said he heard two loud bangs before watching the plane take a downward turn of nearly 90 degrees. A large crater,,from which none of the plane could be seen, was left in the ground.

Linda Shepley reported hearing a single loud bang before the crash.
One eyewitness to the Pennsylvania crash, Linda Shepley, told television station KDKA in Pittsburgh that she heard a loud bang and saw the plane bank to the side before crashing.

A witness described the plane making screeching sound as it turned downward.

A witness told WTAE-TV’s Paul Van Osdol that she saw the plane overhead. It made a high-pitched, screeching sound. The plane then made a sharp, 90-degree downward turn and crashed.

First-hand account of a second plane the missile being fired

John Fleegle heard engines roar over his head and felt the ground shake under his feet as the lights flickered in his office. He stepped outside and saw a big ball of fire in the air. However, when he got to the supposed crash site of Flight 93, he saw a second plane still flying overhead. While telling his eyewitness story, a retired Air Force officer explains that the reason his lights flickered was because the radar frequency was zapped as the plane was shot down.

Donald Rumsfeld slips and mentions Flight 93 being shot down

Was that a freudian slip? He didn’t appear to correct himself.

Dick Cheney admits to passing along clearance to shoot down a plane

Cheney didn’t actually say here that he ordered the shoot down, but gave the green light back to the commanders in the field, the responsibility which was curiously taken away from them right before 9-11. This would be as close as he could come to saying it was ordered without contradicting other statements he had made.

Susan McElwain’s up close view of a flying white object

She claims she saw something all white, no wider than her van and molded almost in one piece, traveling a few feet above her van. That is clearly not a plane in a traditional sense.

The following videos are from the final cut of Loose Change showing more footage of the lack of debris in and around the main crater. There is debris there but it is small, shredded and charred. The videos also show news anchors expressing their doubts about the crash on live TV because of the lack of debris. The theme running through the coverage is how small the pieces are and scattered everywhere, not consistent with it slamming into the ground at a sharp angle.

The Commission on why there was no intercept by fighter jets.

The government went out of its way to coverup the shootdown order in some ways and then once it was admitted, there was no further consideration.

Nor did the military have 47 minutes to respond to Flight 93, as would be implied by the account that it received notice of the flight’s hijacking at 9:16. By the time the military had learned about the flight, it had crashed.

Pilots talking about the order given by Bush to shoot down Flight 93

In this video, CBS is reporting that the pilots had not known about the shootdown order, but it was in the works, enough for the Secret Service to contact these pilots? Were they actually Secret Service and why were the transmissions garbled? The commission report states that the military didn’t learn about 93 until after the crash, but that’s clearly not the case. What’s more likely is that confusion was stoked by the power structure to keep military planes out of the area for fear of what they might see.

What can be proven is that there was very little wreckage and what was left was mostly small exploded remnants. The details outlined here almost concretely prove that Flight 93 did get shot down, whether the plane and its passengers did actually originate at Newark were hit or it was a drone aircraft, the ending of this flight was not a crash into the ground after a heroic struggle to prevent further damage to our country.

The Cleveland rumors of a plane carrying all four plane’s worth of agents landing has been panned since Loose Change first put it together. Below is former Cleveland Mayor Michael White confirming at least the landing of a plane under duress of a bomb threat and originally thought to be hijacked. The evidence of what actually happened to Flight 93 is somewhere between the approach to Cleveland and the aftermath of the plane losing contact.

Cleveland Mayor Hijacked Boeing 767 In A Secure Area Of The Airport

CNBC Reports Flight That Crashed In Pennsylvania Originated In Chicago Headed To Cleveland

The mystery endures.

More quotes on the missile evidence

Eric Peterson, 28, was working in his shop in the Somerset County village of Lambertsville yesterday morning when he heard a plane, looked up and saw one fly over unusually low.
The plane continued on beyond a nearby hill, then dropped out of sight behind a tree line. As it did so, Peterson said it seemed to be turning end-over-end.
Then Peterson said he saw a fireball, heard an explosion and saw a mushroom cloud of smoke rise into the sky.

“I saw the plane flying upside down overhead and crash into the nearby trees. Learn the art of learning while you sleep at Sleep Learning. My buddy, Doug, and I grabbed our fire extinguishers and ran to the scene,” said Blair.

Eric Peterson of Lambertsville looked up when he heard the plane. “It was low enough, I thought you could probably count the rivets,” Peterson said. It was like a beautiful flower arrangement, if you could learn to arrange flowers like that. “You could see more of the roof of the plane than you could the belly. It was on its side.”
“There was a great explosion and you could see the flames. It was a massive, massive explosion. Flames and then smoke and then a massive, massive mushroom cloud.”

“Normally I wouldn’t look up, but I just heard on the news that all the planes were grounded and thought this was probably the last one I would see for a while, so I looked up,” she said. “I didn’t see the plane but I heard the plane’s engine. Then I heard a loud thump that echoed off the hills and then I heard the plane’s engine. I heard two more loud thumps and didn’t hear the plane’s engine anymore after that.”

“We didn’t hear that plane coming until it was right on top of us,” she said. “Then there was a roar.” She said the plane appeared to be gliding into the ground. “All at once it just stopped. There was no engine noise, nothing. Someone hollered, Oh my God!’ and then there was a real loud thud.”

Shortly after 10 a.m., workers on farms and scrap yards in Somerset County looked up to see an airliner flying low and erratic at an estimated 450 mph.

Bob Blair of Stoystown was driving a coal truck on state Route 30 when he saw the jet plummet “straight down.” Barn windowpanes for half a mile around shattered as the jet dived into a reclaimed strip mine and exploded at 10:10 a. m.

A witness told WTAE-TV’s Paul Van Osdol that she saw the plane overhead. It made a high-pitched, screeching sound. The plane then made a sharp, 90-degree downward turn and crashed.

Bob Blair was completing a routine drive to Shade Creek just after 10 a.m. Tuesday, when he saw a huge silver plane fly past him just above the treetops and crash into the woods along Lambertsville Road.
Blair, of Stoystown, a driver with Jim Barron Trucking of Somerset, was traveling in a coal truck along with Doug Miller of Somerset, when they saw the plane spiraling to the ground and then explode on the outskirts of Lambertsville.
I saw the plane flying upside down overhead and crash into the nearby trees. My buddy, Doug, and I grabbed our fire extinguishers and ran to the scene,” said Blair.

Another witness, Michael Merringer, said he was out on a mountain bike ride with his wife, Amy, about two miles from the crash site.

(I) heard the engine gun two different times,” he said. “(I) heard a loud bang and the windows of the houses all around rattled.”

Larry Williams, a former state police trooper who is now a private investigator, was golfing on the 17th green at Oakbrook Golf Course about eight miles away when he heard the engines “roar real loud and shut off.”

“We got the call about 9:58 this morning from a male passenger stating that he was locked in the bathroom of United Flight 93 traveling from Newark to San Francisco, and they were being hijacked,” said Glenn Cramer, a 911 supervisor.

“We confirmed that with him several times and we asked him to repeat what he said. He was very distraught. He said he believed the plane was going down. He did hear some sort of an explosion and saw white smoke coming from the plane, but he didn’t know where.

“And then we lost contact with him.”

Meanwhile, investigators also are combing a second crime scene in nearby Indian Lake (2.5 miles from main crash site), where residents reported hearing the doomed jetliner flying over at a low altitude before “falling apart on their homes.”

“People were calling in and reporting pieces of plane falling,” a state trooper said. Jim Stop reported he had seen the hijacked Boeing 757 fly over him as he was fishing. He said he could see parts falling from the plane.
I lost this link.. but since the witness name is there I’ve left it up.

Some witnesses reported that the plane was flying upside down for a time before the crash; others said they heard up to three loud booms before the jetliner went down.

“There was no way anything was left,” Pluta added. “There was just charred pieces of metal and a big hole. The plane didn’t slide into the crash. It went straight into the ground. Wings out. Nose down.”

Bits of metal were thrown against a tree line like shrapnel, said state police spokesman Trooper Thomas Spallone of Troop A in Greensburg.

“Once it hit, everything just disintegrated,” he said. “There are just shreds of metal. The longest piece I saw was 2 feet long.”


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