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Baran Hines

The Ride for the Constitution, more widely known as the “DC Trucker” protest had many problems and “fizzled” out as the rain was blamed for keeping more rigs from showing up by WUSA9.

What protest? Lol

WUSA9’s Bruce Leshan traveled with the convoy for a while. At noon, he reported that he was traveling approximately 2 miles per hour, with the traffic almost completely stopped. It was unclear whether traffic was going so slowly due to the truckers, the rain or both.

Leshan started following the convoy around Springfield, and followed the trucks around on the Inner Loop. At the time, they were crossing three lanes of traffic going 20 miles an hour, slowing down, and honking their horns, according to Leshan.

Their actions seemed to irritate some drivers but many driver seemed to know the group was going to be in town.

We were told originally that there may be some “counterprotestors,” but a group of people on an overpass were actually in support of the truckers and their protest. The people had posted signs in support of the effort, which you can see in the photo gallery: http://www.wusa9.com/news/photo-gallery.aspx?storyid=278454

Now, the “PR guy”, Pete Santilli, that I warned Zeeda Andrews about after some eye opening info from Susanne Posel of Occupy Corporatism, has allegedly shut down the donation mechanism for the ride and possibly made off with the money.

Say it ain’t so… Ironically, it sounds like a conversation I had with Posel about Santilli. It’s like clockwork.


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