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The Pros and Cons of GMO Crops
Sandra Mills

Consuming Genetically Modified Organisms is a frightful thought to some people, whereas others think that it is the hope of the future. Some people think GMO products are killing the American public. Others think that without GMO products there would not enough food for the global population. This argument has huge political implications, as each side lobbies the government for more or less restriction. There is quite a bit of misinformation that floats around about GMOs.
Human beings have been modifying plants and animals through selective breeding for thousands of years. Some people argue that genetically modifying them is just the most recent advancement in animal and plant husbandry. Others think that we are playing “god” and messing around with things that we do not fully understand. Either way there is quite a bit of confusion surrounding the topic.
It is important to understand why GMOs may be harmful. It is also important to understand how they may be beneficial. GMOs are a reality, though a generation ago they were science fiction, and we need to deal with them. We need to either use them, or legislate them. People need to fully understand them, and not just fear them because they sound scary.
GMOs do have their positive attributes, and their drawbacks. It is true that with GMO crops the yield can typically be higher per square foot, but at what cost? Are we killing ourselves slowly, or is that merely conjecture or fear mongering? There are times where GMO crops have failed causing problems, and making food prices sky rocket. There are also times when GMO products were outlawed, and it caused a food shortage. If we look at the facts than we can come to a reasonable, rather than emotional, conclusion. The following infographic should help make the issue of genetically modified food argument more understandable.
Infographic by Sandra Mills
Editor’s Note: We felt this infographic is quite close to representing the current state of the GMO debate. One thing that should be noted about the pro-GMO argument is that it largely hinges on exactly how much you trust the corporations involved. It should also be noted that another side effect seen in GMO studies is that the sexual organs of the animals are attacked, possibly leaving them and usually the offspring, sterile.


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