Hartford Courant

State police investigating the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting have focused some of their efforts on the police response, interviewing local officers to iron out inconsistencies in their versions of events and examining decisions made in the minutes before they entered the school, sources with knowledge of the probe have told The Courant.

“We know that our response will be heavily scrutinized as it should be and I am confident that our officers acted aggressively and appropriately in response to a chaotic scene,” police union President Scott Ruszczyk said. “I think it’s pretty tough to second-guess the guys who were there responding to a chaotic scene.”

Among the aspects of the response under scrutiny was a decision by the first responding Newtown officer to park nearly a quarter-mile away on the street to the school and wait for other officers to arrive, sources familiar with the investigation said. Those officers moved to the school on foot along the tree line.

Using dispatch calls, video from cruisers and recordings of body microphones worn by local and state police officers, detectives have put together a detailed time line that makes no conclusions about the response, the sources said.

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