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Needless to say, we’re excited about our transcontinental run scheduled to start on January 18th, 2014, from Huntington Beach, California. We’ve been talking, planning, preparing and, of course, running, for more than a year.

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A lot has happened in that year. Through his love of running coupled with a lot of hard work, David transformed himself into the 3A regional cross-country champion in Southeast Alaska. Through my love for good food, the environment and a lot of hard work, I wrote and published the book, We’re Monsanto: Feeding the World, Lie After Lie. (To date, more than 3,000 people have downloaded We’re Monsanto.) And together, the vision of our run and mission has become more clear.

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We are more than just a father and son running duo with an amazing family support team. We are more than just a family that cares about good health and healthy food systems. Every time we talk to people about our run and mission, we see the excitement in their eyes and we hear it in their voices. We are doing what every family longs to do: we’re living our lives to the fullest, running in pursuit of big dreams, and working to preserve our common heritage found in the Earth’s abundance for our children and future generations.

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Because we share the same mission with virtually all people around the world, our run is everyone’s run, and our mission is everyone’s mission.

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As we’ve opened ourselves to the yet untapped potential of this run, positive and passionate people have stepped forward and contributed in unique and valuable ways, some with skills, some with time, and many with donations.

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We’ve been amazed at the love we’ve experienced. As one local health-conscious business owner handed me a generous donation, she said, “Brett, if you need anything at all while you’re on the road, I’m the first person you call!”

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And I am honored and grateful to count Owen and Beth Kindig as good friends, mentors, cheerleaders and supporters. When you watch the Running For a GMO-Free USA campaign videos, you’re watching the fruit of Owen’s labors.

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We are confident that many other people–such as yourself–will recognize the value in our run and mission. We are confident that you’ll check out our Running For a GMO Free USA campaign, and that you’ll feel inspired to support our run and our mission.

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We, in turn, promise to support you in our mutual support for sustainable and healthy agriculture, the Earth and her inhabitants.

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Follow this link and donate now!

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Thank you so very much!!!

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