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Editor’s Note: The headline contains “fake snow” in quotes as a reference to what is being said in the videos. There is fundamental difference between ice and snow and melting properties, and of course we are aware of sublimation, however that does not remove the large possibility that many contaminants are lingering in the atmosphere. More info.
The surprise storm that has largely crippled the southeastern US has generated a buzz online as people post videos of the snow’s weird characteristics.
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There is no doubt in many minds that there is some sort of geo-engineering going on across the Nation, and around the world. What we do not know, is the specifics behind it and what the purpose is.

We do know though, that the strongest military weapon a military could posses is one that can manipulate the weather at will.

Snow Across Country Appears to be Burning and Causing Odor

People across the country have recently began posting videos and photo’s all over the internet of “burning” snow, that does not just melt away. Some people are even saying the snow has an odor to it that “smells like chemicals”, according to one man from the Jersey area.

As of right now, it is not know (by me) what is causing this. I live in New England, and the snow that has been here for about a week just reacts “normally” to a flame. I am not a scientist, and do not pretend to be.

Below are some of the pictures and testimony of people who commented on a Facebook post I made, along with posts of this “chem-snow”.

Facebook: Sully Madden

This next video may contain the video described above from Facebook.

The video below appears to be in response to the video above



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