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A spokesperson with the National Institute of Standards and Technology has confirmed that the complaint referred by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) was received on January 15th, a day after the initial response from the OIG.

While Gail Porter reluctantly confirmed that a response to Dr. Pepper’s letter was forthcoming, it contradicted the official position of Michael Newman, another NIST employee involved with public affairs.

After the OIG confirmed it referred the complaint to NIST on January 14, WTF News attempted to confirm who NIST assigned to investigate the allegations in the complaint. No NIST employees could confirm anything about the request, not even whether it had been officially received from the Inspector General. However, one employee who spoke on the condition of anonymity did confirm that numerous other employees were aware that the Inspector General’s response letter had been posted to the internet by Journal of 9/11 Studies.

During Monday’s conversation, Newman first claimed he was unaware of what was being asked, then claimed that NIST had not officially received the referral yet, 18 days after the OIG did in fact transmit it.


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