Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Faced with the possibility of 11 million square feet of federally illegal plants, the Washington Liquor Control Board on Wednesday made a rule change that will have a dramatic effect on the state’s legal marijuana market.
The board cut all applications for producers down to one license per person or company and limited the licensees to 70 percent of what they would be licensed to grow.
Understandably, growers with investors and deeper pockets looking to get three licenses at 30,000 square feet of canopy each (the top of three tiers) were pretty upset. The new limits will drastically reduce what they can hope to grow; many had money tied up in the property and equipment required to grow that greater amount.
Now the big players are scaling down from a potential of 90,000 square feet of marijuana to roughly 21,000.
But not everyone is unhappy with the rule change. In fact, upon reflection, it becomes clear that the new rules make it far more likely that small growers — “ma and pa” outfits like partners Christi Masi and Scott Masengill, married for 25 years — will have a fighting chance against “big weed.”
“I do feel like the state has done a good job of setting things up in a way that we will all have the opportunity to succeed at this, and I really appreciate that they have done this,” said Masi.

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