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An earthquake struck early Sunday morning about 60 miles south of Simferopol, in Russian-occupied Crimea. The proximity to the crisis in Ukraine sparked internet speculation ranging from a possible nuclear blast, to underwater/ground activity and HAARP interference.
The quake was a minor rumble less than 20 miles off the southern coast, reported between 3.2 and 3.8 magnitude. Reports on the depth varied from 80 kilometers deep, settling between 30 or 40km.
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The quake comes at a tense moment for the region as a press conference was held by some local officials who were not very urgent to have the Russians leave the region.

Ukraine’s autonomous republic of Crimea wants Kiev to stay out of its business, and put its own house in order instead, the Crimean parliament speaker has said, adding that local authorities can take care of local business without the capital.

“You in Kiev sort it out between yourselves, and we will deal with the republic’s problems,” Vladimir Konstantinov told a news conference.

Most of the Crimean law enforcement and military share this point of view, Konstantinov warned. They also support the local self-defense forces, who are basically people who were scared for their lives and their families in the wake of the violence in Kiev and the anti-Russian gestures of the new authorities.

The speaker advised Kiev against using force to attempt to take control of Crimea or any other region resisting it. He said such a move would end with the new authorities having no region to call their own in Ukraine.



Some found it strange that the US Geological Survey did not have any data on the earthquake.

The speculation was largely because the quake was approximately no more than 60 miles from at least 5 Russian-controlled military bases, and a significant portion of the forces occupying Crimea. Some stated it may have been a warning or evidence of shadow government activity or various cartel interests.
The rumors stopped as it became apparent that the reported depth was at least 30-40km which is unlikely for conventional attacks, though some argued for deep underground facilities and other possibilities. People were willing to consider many possibilities given the embarrassment of the United States and western powers as Russian President Vladimir Putin flouted their warnings.


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