Five new reports released over the last several weeks destroy Monsanto’s sound science claims:

1) In the Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health Feb. ’14, it has been discovered there is a link between Monsanto’s Roundup and a rising global epidemic of chronic, fatal kidney disease. Researchers believe mixing chemical fertilizer with the extremely powerful herbicide may be the reason for thousands of deaths in farming areas all over South America.

2) Monsanto’s Roundup is in the air and soil according to studies published in the February 2014 issue of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. According to one analysis, “if you were breathing in the sampled air you would be inhaling approximately 2.5 nanograms of glyphosate per cubic meter of air. It has been estimated the average adult inhales approximately 388 cubic feet or 11 cubic meters of air per day, which would equal to 27.5 nanograms (billionths of a gram) of glyphosate a day.”

3) According to a report last month, the USDA has determined the use of GMOs has actually increased pesticide and herbicide use. Although the USDA is notorious for favoring all things GMO, the report confirms what independent scientists have been saying all along: Genetic engineering does not lead to increased yields. Given the agency’s incestuous relationship with Monsanto, it is telling that questions are now being raised as to the biotech industry’s unproven and unscientific claims that biotechnology is the way of the future.

4) BioMed Research International confirmed just weeks ago what many have thought for some time: pesticides are far more dangerous than originally suspected. Scientists at the University of Caen tested eight commercial products, including Roundup, and found that nine of them were hundreds of times more toxic than their active ingredient alone. So it’s not just the toxic chemicals we need to worry about in pesticides, but also the interaction they have with other toxic chemicals. Monsanto’s Roundup was found to be the most toxic.

5) A December study released by the U.N. Commission on Trade and Development entitled Wake Up Before It’s Too Late, warned that organic, small-scale farming is the only way to feed the world. The report contains in-depth sections on the shift toward more sustainable, resilient agriculture; livestock production and climate change; the importance of research and extension; the role of land use; and the role of reforming global trade rules. Over 60 experts from all over the world contributed to the report.

In December, over 200 scientists came together to release a statement accusing the biotech industry of false claims over GMO safety. That coupled with five new, scientifically-backed studies released within just weeks of one another, it is easy to see the mounting evidence that points to the dangers of pesticide use as well as the harm GMOs cause.

When will the FDA, USDA and EPA stop supporting an industry under fire by scientists everywhere and start doing their jobs? Public health must be put before corporate profit.


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