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by Heather Callaghan

There are approximately 60+ countries that have either some type of genetically modified food/crop ban, restriction or labeling requirements.

Did you know there is also a European network of GMO-free farming regions?

Bavaria, also referred to as the Free State (or, considered a free state; republic), is the 62nd member to join this network.

Environment Minister, Dr. Marcel Huber of Munich and pictured above, signed the instrument of accession on April 10th in Brussels, standing in solidarity with the President of the network, Maura Malaspina.

Huber, at a network meeting, stated:

62 regions – a thought: We reject Green gene technology from our fields. For our demand for self-determination, we need allies in Europe. The accession is a clear political commitment and highly symbolic for the people of Bavaria.

Bavaria stands for high quality regional and seasonal foods.

Bavaria takes pride in its many sensitive natural areas and small farming structure.

There was some difficulty in deciphering the English translation of the German news source, but the Minister seems to be troubled by the implications for free trade agreements with the U.S and spoke of ongoing negotiations.

He added:

We have therefore asked the Federal Government to make in the negotiations, our high standards for the protection of humans and the environment to scale.

This is a bold, big move for Germany as Bavaria is its biggest state with a heavy population and capital city Munich. Neighboring state, Hesse, also recently applied to join the GMO-free network.

Also mentioned in the article about France taking the stand against GMOs, the EU Commissions approval of 1507 GMO corn casts a shadow on EU states who are adamantly opposed to GMO cultivation.

When Agriculture Minister Priska Hinz signed the network application for Hesse, she referred to the controversial corn when she said:

The decision should serve as a good example and sends a message of support to both the local agriculture as well as our neighboring regions.

France and Russia have also made similar sweeping declarations, with their governments saying NO to GMOs.

Source: Top Agrar Online

Activist Post


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