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A number of Sandy Hook skeptics recently traveled to Newtown Connecticut to question the school board about the many issues surrounding the official story of the alleged 2012 mass shooting.  The CT Post wrote an incredibly biased articleabout the event claiming the audience was largely disgusted with the skeptics which didn’t seem to be the case if you watch the video.  Only one guy spoke denouncing the skeptics and he had no real facts or information to provide.  He just whined about a circus coming to town causing only a few people to loudly clap.

Even though some of the people asked good questions there were a couple of weirdos present.  One crazy lady spoke about how she worked for a bunch of government agencies, said she was bi-polar and rambled on about all sorts of incoherent nonsense including tunnels and microwaves.  Another guy showed up in some sort of weird aristocrat costume.  Hard to say if these people were plants sent to discredit some of the other people asking real questions but their appearances were certainly very strange.

Despite this, there are numerous questions about the alleged Sandy Hook mass shooting in which several children were said to have been killed.  So far we have seen no evidence showing that any children died let alone the alleged shooter Adam Lanza.  All supposed material has been redacted and to top it all off they decided to demolish the Sandy Hook Elementary School.  The contractors who participated in the demolition were required to sign non-disclosure agreements indicating an obvious attempt to conceal information.  Some of these and other questions were asked by the people who spoke to the school board in the below video.  It is obvious that the government and corporate media have not been forthcoming with information and this has just led to even more questions being asked about the event.

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