On the heels of the widely-attended May 24 March Against Monsanto, it seems as if everyone is getting into the act of calling out the St. Louis-based agrochemical giant.

Superstar actor and comedian Jim Carrey recently cracked a joke about the company during a commencement speech at Iowa’s Maharishi University of Management, that actually occurred on the same day as the marches.

His joke took aim at Monsanto’s unnerving tendency to sue farmers found to have “stolen their intellectual property,” which is essentially code for farmers whose land has been contaminated by pollen from genetically modified crops on neighboring farms.

Watch Jim take a swipe at Monsanto in the quick video below:

Carrey is one of several celebrities who have come out on the side of organic farmers recently.

Monsanto claims that they never sue farmers whose crops have been “contaminated by trace amounts of GMOs,” but they never actually have defined what “trace amounts” means according to top organic organization OSGATA’s head Jim Gerritsen.

They have, however, sued several organic farmers who never wanted patented GMO material in their crops, whose livelihoods have been ruined.

Monsanto lies about the practice on their website in plain English, according to court documents, as we reported on in this article.

Unfortunately, Monsanto still does not have to label their GMOs, which has led to consumers unknowingly purchasing them. But the tide of awareness is rising, and having a Man of the People like Jim Carrey on board can only be a good thing for the freedom from GMOs movement.



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