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Baran Hines
At the busy Denver intersection of Colfax and Broadway, outside the Denver Post, I conducted a last minute, unscientific survey for 9/11 Truth. Myself and a member of We Are Change Colorado held (surprisingly heavy) signs, nonstop for almost 5 hours simply asking people to “Honk If You Know The Gov’t Is Still Lying About September 11th attacks”, and the results were incredibly positive.

In total, 659 total honks were counted in approximately 280 minutes (4 hrs 40 minutes). At that rate, a honk was recorded on average, once every 25 seconds.

To confirm, one of us had to acknowledge the driver or passenger was honking directly at us, many were discarded as they were in response to traffic issues.

The survey was taken on September 11 from about 1:20pm MT to 6:00pm MT. In the first hour, before finding consistent positioning, 95 were recorded. As traffic picked up, so did the response, including 151, 166 and 155 in hours 2-4. The final hour was cut short to 40 minutes after we stood in the rain for an hour and the falling temperatures. 92 honks were recorded in the final period.

Although only honks were counted as acknowledgements, pedestrians passing on bike and foot gave us positive acknowledgements at nearly the same rate. Based on a rough estimate, it seemed like 2-3 people a minute specifically thanked us for “doing this” as they passed by.

Negative reactions were few and far between, totalling no more than 20 between the two of us. These were counted with the same focus as the positive acknowledgements, essentially if they were able to get our attention. A few middle fingers were received, some F you’s, a couple of “That’s disrespectful” charges. Most of the negative response was mainly directed at the upside-down American flag we waved in symbolism of the international sign of distress.

There were some notable highlights.

Denver Police watched us for an hour after warning us not to impede traffic.

Then it started raining.

The motorcycle cops went and parked under trees to not get wet. They stood by for another hour, probably waiting (and hoping) to see if we violated a traffic ordinance.

The most entertaining moment of the day came as a 10-15 car security detail of blacked out sedans and SUVs passed by, most likely headed for the downtown Denver event hosting former CIA director David Petraeus. They passed by once, flashed a few middle fingers, then some circled the block for a second look. At one point, they blocked traffic, almost causing an accident. Knowing them, there were probably many more unmarked cars in the area.

But why the concern with us? We were just two regular guys, one black, one white, standing on a public street corner holding signs. Surely, someone that was in the military or any other official government branch should know what an upside-down American flag means.

The point of this survey was not just to randomly sample people willing to express doubts about the official story of 9/11, but also to pass on the knowledge that those people are not alone in their community. The percentage of the public interested in 9/11 Truth is not small, nor is it confined to one demographic based on age, ethnicity or political perspective.

We noted honks from most major ethnic groups, young, old, dirt poor to very wealthy. Truck drivers. Bus drivers. Paramedics. Firefighters. Cops. Military. The people know they have been told big lies, they’re willing to accept info if it can be provided.

If you really want to verify these stats, contact Denver Police who has cameras over the intersection as part of the HALO program, High Activity Location Observation. The system likely processes license plates and other info for the NSA or other national “security” programs in response to the September 11th attacks.


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