Early indications are that proposition 105 to label GMO foods has been defeated in Colorado.

The measure has been voted against approximately 62 to 38 percent in early reporting.

It is estimated that over $11 million was spent by large food corporations opposing the Colorado label proposal.

Listen to the 9News crew in Denver discussing the outcome.

9NEWS Political Expert Floyd Ciruli: “That was popular, in the first polls that came out, the public said more information would be good”
Anchor: “Before a dollar was spent against it”
Ciruli: “You got it… Before more than 10 million dollars was spent against it”

A strong message from the agricultural community? The leading voice against the labeling initiative is a self described lobbyist as reported by Colorado based activist Robyn O’Brien.

The ballot question itself, excluding certain notable foods and distribution methods.

Shall there be a change to the Colorado Revised Statutes concerning labeling of genetically modified food; and, in connection therewith, requiring food that has been genetically modified or treated with genetically modified material to be labeled, “Produced With Genetic Engineering” starting on July 1, 2016; exempting some foods including but not limited to food from animals that are not genetically modified but have been fed or injected with genetically modified food or drugs, certain food that is not packaged for retail sale and is intended for immediate human consumption, alcoholic beverages, food for animals, and medically prescribed food; requiring the Colorado department of public health and environment to regulate the labeling of genetically modified food; and specifying that no private right of action is created for failure to conform to the labeling requirements?


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