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Kyiv – The families of the fallen servicemen, as well as wounded fighters, participants of the ATO, will be able to receive free land lots in Kyiv, stated city head Vitaly Klitschko on Tuesday. As such, the Kyiv City Council plans to create a special committee during the nearest session to accept applications and determine the queue for receiving land lots. However, the city officials are not ready to name exact terms in which according decisions will be made and the land lots allocated. So far Vitaly Klitschko has personally inspected 10 hectares of land in the village of Bykivnya, which is intended for 38 families of the fallen soldiers. 

The city head of the Ukrainian capital Vitaly Klitschko was generally satisfied with the inspection of the land lot, which may be given to the first in line for free land lots, the families of 38 fallen soldiers. Next after them will be the heavily-wounded and wounded servicemen. He assures that the issue will be discussed at the nearest session of the city council on November 13.

“It has a very good location: there is an infrastructure, roads. I am sure that these lots should be given to the families of the fallen. The territory here spans approximately 10 hectares. At the next Kyiv City Council session you will receive clear information about the algorithm of handing out land lots, and the report of the according committee. Then, when they are handed out, information will be public, you will be able to find out the surnames of those who get them, to avoid any speculation,” stated Vitaly Klitschko.

To the question as to whether it is expedient to give out land in the capital, which is home to the biggest mass grave of the victims of Stalinist repressions in Ukraine, Klitschko answered: “This is a completely different part of Bykivnya. No need for speculation here.”

The locals confirmed to Radio Liberty that as far as they knew, there were no graves in this district.

Polishchuk: “We will not give out land to everyone at once, there will be a queue” 

The director of the land resource department of the KCSA Olexiy Polishchuk explained that those who will receive land in Bykivnya will have to create a community and solve all the issues of land division and construction within it. He also assured that the city government is taking on all the land issues.

Euromaidan Press


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