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With nothing for the global media to focus on but the CIA Torture Report and the ongoing global economic turmoil, mysteriously a school in Pakistan has suffered an attack that has killed at least 125 people so far. It is reported that suicide bombers have attacked a school run by the Pakistani military in Peshawar.

Witnesses said the attackers were dressed as soldiers.


Dozens of children have been killed and hundreds more taken hostage after Taliban gunmen and suicide bombers attacked an army-run school in Pakistan.

This is what we know so far:

• 126 people have been killed, including 84 pupils, according to a local government official.

• The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (Pakistani Taliban) has claimed responsibility for the attack and said it was in revenge for an anti-terrorist military offensive.

• The school is sealed off and the number of hostages inside is unconfirmed.

A Taliban spokesman said the army was being targeted and militants had been told not to harm young children.

“We selected the army’s school for the attack because the government is targeting our families and females,” said Muhammad Umar Khorasani. “We want them to feel the pain.”

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A Taliban spokesman has claimed that the massacre was “just the trailer” to further attacks. Muhammad Khorasani told AFP: “They [military] was always wrong about our capabilities. We are still able to carry out major attacks. This was just the trailer.” He claimed that the gunmen sent to storm the school were under orders to “shoot the older students but not the children”.

In the ensuing battle with Pakistani security forces, nine militants were killed, according to the military. One of them is said to have detonated a suicide vest he was wearing, accoridng to local media. The operation drew to a close shortly after 7pm local time, a Pakistani military source told Reuters.

“The operation is complete,” he said after the nine hour battle concluded. Seven army personnel were wounded in the struggle.

At least one Pakistani soldier was reported killed in the gun battle. The military said their progress in clearing the school had been hampered by booby trap explosives left behind by the attackers.

A France24 interview had more details on the local sentiments prior to the attack.


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