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When you thought you had seen it all out of Ukraine

Separatists in Lugansk have been attempting to breathe life back into old military airplanes from a museum…




Rossiya 24
In Lugansk People’s Republic will now own air force. Several military vehicles belonging to the local flight school, now fully restored. Aircraft ready for combat use. We are talking about several Su-25 and several training aircraft L-29 “Dolphin”, as well as helicopters of various modifications.

The runway is cleared. Fuel is delivered to the airfield. The first crew of the Air Force Ministry of Defence Lugansk People’s Republic prepares to take off. All systems on board, in working condition. The machine did not fly seven years. Something had to change, correct. Air support – a very important thing. Without it difficult to do, said Aram Avakian, Air Force pilot LC.

Volunteers who received flight training in the Soviet time, promise to do everything to protect civilians from attack LC Ukrainian security officials. According to Sergei Kozlov, chief of staff of the command of the militia, fascism has not passed. He hoped that the pilots, navigators, and forward air technology, will have their say, “and this brown plague did not pass.”


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