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A massive explosion lit up the night sky over Donetsk after a chemical plant was hit by military ordinance, according to various reports out of eastern Ukraine. The powerful blast shattered windows late Sunday night local time. Both the US-backed regime in Kiev and separatists accused each other of causing the blast at the facility which was under control of local militias at the time.

Popular speculation around the internet focused on the explanation of a possible tactical nuclear event, however more responsible analysis pointed to conventional weaponry as more video angles of the blast were uploaded to the web. The best angle of the explosion shows the fireball turning bright purple like a twisted fireworks display.





Anti-Kiev separatists reported that the military chemical plant DKZHI was targeted by Ukraine military artillery, and this was later confirmed by some pro-Kiev names. The cause of the blast was described nearly everything from a poor guess by Ukrainian military forces to, unbelievably, a lit cigarette.


The spokesman for Kiev’s Anti-Terrorist Operation said that rebels were at fault for the accident.

“This was caused by a dropped cigarette butt,” Andrey Lysenko told the media on Monday.

“Accidents often happen in factories where no one is responsible for fire safety. Well, it’s chaos, and they are barbarians.”

Not all pro-Kiev officials agreed.

The Ukrainian military deployed a Smerch (the BM-30 Tornado) multiple rocket system to shell the area in the city, Boris Filatov, former deputy head of the industrial Dnepropetrovsk Region and a member of the Ukrainian parliament (Verkhovna Rada), said on his Facebook page.

According to Filatov, the men who fired the missiles “do not know what they hit because they were shooting based on coordinates.”

Earlier, Ukrainian far-right politician and paramilitary commander Dmitry Yarosh, who is involved in the Kiev military action in southeastern Ukraine, confirmed on his Facebook page that the explosion was caused by Ukrainian artillery.

Ironically, the plant has been targeted by Kiev forces before, as RT goes on to note.

“The center of the blast was near DKZHI,” co-chairman of the anti-Kiev People’s Front Konstantin Dolgov said on his Facebook page. The factory is known for producing chemical products used for industrial explosives, ammunition and equipment artillery bombs. This is not the first time the plant has been the target of a Kiev attack. It was also hit with artillery rockets in September and November.

Major media outlets in the United States were silent still as of Monday morning, not even attempting to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for the latest example of continued escalation of the Ukraine proxy war in recent weeks.

This should not be a surprise for those paying attention as WTF News detailed the failure of American media to report serious events in Ukraine in May 2014 after intense battles near Slavyansk and the Odessa massacre.

Donetsk militia have also blocked a highway used to resupply Ukraine forces near the fierce battle for Debaltsevo.

Meanwhile, the New York Times, who’s anti-Russia propaganda has been so thick that even Salon called them out, went full retard in an op-ed titled ‘Don’t Arm Ukraine’, pointing out the obvious problem of adding more American weapons to the already lopsided conflict.

There is no question that Ukraine’s military is badly outgunned by the separatists, who have Russian troops and weapons on their side. Because the balance of power decisively favors Moscow, Washington would have to send large amounts of equipment for Ukraine’s army to have a fighting chance.
But the conflict will not end there. Russia would counter-escalate, taking away any temporary benefit Kiev might get from American arms … In short, the United States cannot win an arms race with Russia over Ukraine and thereby ensure Russia’s defeat on the battlefield.

To say that Russia is influencing the conflict is not wrong, but the failure to mention the probable greater influence of United States intelligence assets is a hallmark of major media organizations. For evidence, look no further than the shock videos uploaded in late January of English speaking soldiers on the ground in Ukraine.

Regardless of attempts to defuse the war, it promises to escalate as the fake ceasefires continually fail and now the latest proposal by Washington to send weapons to Ukrainian forces has hit a wall. The united US-European front has cracked as German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier criticized the idea calling it not only “risky” but “counter-productive” in a speech on Sunday. Monday, Steinmeier went on to confirm rumors from the Russian side that peace talks scheduled for Wednesday may not even happen. The doublespeak produced an awkward scene at the White House as US President Barack Obama met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.


The Telegraph highlighted an interview by Putin with Al-Ahram where he commented that Ukraine is even more broke (as the currency has crashed again) and now spending more on military resources while the economy is still shrinking, before going on to say Kiev’s violent campaign will only escalate the war further.

The most important condition for the stabilisation of the situation is immediate ceasefire and ending of a so-called ‘anti-terrorist’, but in fact punitive, operation in the southeast of Ukraine. Kiev’s attempts to exert economic pressure on Donbass and disrupt its daily life only aggravate the situation. This is a dead-end track, fraught with a big catastrophe.

The Russian President has been busy on the public relations tour also, but remember, he’s “isolated” as Zero Hedge reports.


Putin was in Egypt Monday giving a speech on the situation also.


After last week’s report by Zero Hedge that “the entire oil collapse is all about crushing Russian control over Syria”, the mainstream media narrative will need to change as the war cannot be ignored much longer.

It has also been reported that Russia has signed a deal to use military bases on the island of Cyprus off the coast of Greece. The EU nation has a British facility used to support NATO operations about 40km away from an airbase that the Russian Air Force will use.

Considering the close relationship Russia has with Greece’s new Syriza leaders things will get more complicated as Greek financial markets crash. German leaders (and citizens) have also lost patience with Greece over bailout loan programs as talk of a Greek exit from the European Union continues as the government may run out of money in less than a month. This is now a dangerous game of chicken as Greek leaders have been threatened with cancellation EU’s emergency loan program if there is no agreement on austerity plans. Contagion is spreading as as bonds in Portugal, Italy and Spain felt pressure from the fears of Greek debt.


Last week’s news that a Pentagon study claims Putin has Asperger’s syndrome should be all one needs to know about the direction of the conversation.


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