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The Health Ranger presented a new 3-D printed hydroponics system meant for home use that does not use electricity.

Through a new site,, Mike Adams is promoting the system as a do-it-yourself solution to the processed food monopoly dominated by GMO ingredients. Adams unveiled the system to the public at Health Freedom Expo in Naples, Florida on Saturday.

At first it looks as if the system is just a plastic box with holes cut in the top, however the units have a gravity fed delivery system with an “automatic water leveling control system”, Adams claims.

Growth is enabled by the process of root specialization as not all of the roots are submerged in water, which he calls a miracle of nature. Adams is touting the system as a “low tech, low cost” solution using decentralized technology, which WTF News has advocated as the next step in securing sustainable food freedom.

Not only can the units be made with a 3-D printer using plans available for download, but the filament can be made from used plastic and trash.

WTF News has been working with other activists for a few months to engineer a similar system with the key goals of the system being open source, easy to produce at a low cost while fitting in the average small home. The team at Food Rising seems to have created a system meeting those goals and the additional benefit of not needing electricity. As presented, it seems the most complicated part of the system is acquiring the nutrient solution needed for growth.

Adams described the motivation for the system as a way to overthrow the processed food monopoly with “compassion and love” using a positive solution in order to move beyond just avoiding the system. He goes on to explain the non-profit structure behind “giving people the technology to feed themselves” in the closing remarks at the expo.

The way to achieve victory for humanity, I believe, is not to fight the existing system’s corporate domination and control, but rather to make them obsolete, to make them irrelevant and the way do that is through innovations just like this that we give away for free. We encourage people to copy and share and spread the word and we don’t hold it back for monopolization or profiteering or to patent it and restrict it. Instead, we patent it to protect it, so the public can always have it, so no one else patents it and then tries to restrict it. We patent it for the public good and put it out under a Creative Commons license and you are invited to help share in this and I think that is the most important message I can share with you today at Health Freedom Summit.

Adams also plans to donate 250 of the systems to schools across the country.


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