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Press TV has released photos showing al-Qaeda-linked militants standing with Israeli soldiers in Syria’s occupied Golan Heights. The new photos further prove Israel’s support for al-Qaeda-linked militants, especially al-Nusra Front, who are destroying Syria with their ongoing proxy war.

The images show Israeli soldiers talking face-to-face with Takfiri militants in the disputed Golan Heights which has been a particularly active area of the war. Takfiri militants have been linked to both the terrorist al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State.

As Press TV stated, Israel has been providing “medical, intelligence and military” support for militants fighting the government of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria, a conspiracy fact confirmed by United Nations observers reported in December 2014. Those reports confirm speculation that Israel has been aiding the movement of “rebels” across the border with Syria in both directions. Specifically, militants wounded in Syria have reportedly been hospitalized in the occupied territories with the help of Israeli forces.
The timing of the Press TV report continues the trend of stronger information linking the Israeli and United States governments to the extremist militants they are supposed to be fighting according to American media. The report comes after the WTF News report on continued media blackout of the murder of Serena Shim, an American citizen an reporter for Press TV. Shim was reporting on the Syrian proxy war and was killed in a suspicious car crash near the Turkey-Syria border. Her death came 2 days after she had announced on live television that she obtained video footage of Takfiri militants crossing the border into Syria in “World Food Organization” vehicles, feeding speculation of possible US or Israeli involvement. Shim also reported in the same interview that Turkish intelligence agencies claimed she was a spy and were investigating her work in the region.


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