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An accident involving a Ukrainian armored personnel vehicle that killed an 8-year-old girl led to riots in Kostantynivka, Donetsk on Monday.

The driver lost control of the tank on city streets as the family walked along the road. The aunt received heavy injuries and has reportedly died after being taken to the hospital. The family had an infant with them at the time, who was injured but did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

The soldier driving was thought to be drunk and they fled the scene in a taxi as the crowd became more upset.


The accident follows another case of drunk driving in a tank by a Ukraine soldier which was caught on video last week.

Kostyantynivka has been tense as many residents do not support the Kiev authorities and troops. Most of the town is increasingly fed up with the Ukraine proxy war and being caught in the middle of the violence as Kostyantynivka is in the most heavily contested area between Kiev and pro-Russia separatists.


By Monday night, crowds began to seek out the driver and targeted Kiev backed soldiers, setting small fires in front of a Ukrainian military barracks.

Video uploaded Monday shows angry crowds yelling at Ukrainian soldiers to “hand over the driver” as one Youtube user phrased it. Residents overturned cars of the Ukrainian servicemen, and while shouting anti-Kiev slogans. According to reports, Ukrainian soldiers opened fire in the air to disperse the crowds as protests grew larger. People can be heard shouting “Faggots!”, “Get the hell out!”, “Donbass is strength!”, “Donbass is Russia!”, as videos captured some of the scene.

As RT reported, shoot-to-kill orders are in effect in Konstantinovka for the Donetsk police, who remain loyal to Kiev authorities, according to Popular Front deputy Anton Gerashchenko.

“If someone in Kostyantynivka uses arms to oppose the laws of the Ukrainian authorities, uses this accident (hit and run) for mass unrest, then we will fire one warning shot, and then will be shooting to kill. If there is no time to warn, we will be shooting to kill immediately,” said Gerashchenko. “No one is allowed to undermine the Ukrainian government with arms in their hands.”


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