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Syria’s SANA news agency reported government forces have shot down a suspected United States drone over northwestern area of the country, between Latakia and the Turkish border. The United States admitted it lost contact with an unarmed Predator drone over Syria on Tuesday however Pentagon officials declined to confirm it was taken down by Syrian military forces.
In the same region, it was reported that a chemical weapons attack may have been used during an attack by the Syrian military on Monday night. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the war said that 6 people were killed, dozens more wounded as a result of “gas from barrel bombs”, likely chlorine, quoting medical sources.

Reuters quoted a Syrian military source who described the reported attack in the village of Sarmin in Idlib province as propaganda. “We confirm that we would not use this type of weapon, and we don’t need to use it,” the source said. This is not the first time that chemical attacks have happened and the previous ones have been of questionable origin despite being blamed on orders of Syrian President Bashar-al-Assad.

Sarin nerve gas was used in an August 2013 attack on several suburbs of Damascus that killed hundreds of people. US and Western officials said only Syrian government forces could have carried out the attack, but many in the region blamed it on the rebels. As reported by RT, a study by an MIT professor proved that the attack could not have come from areas controlled by the Syrian government at the time.

WTF News noted there would be another attempt at justifying western and possibly Israeli intervention in Syria and Monday’s incidents come as the Syrian proxy war has been out of American media focus as the “rebels” have been losing. It was reported two weeks ago that the (official) US-backed rebel coalition has fallen apart into ISIS and Al-Qaeda splinters.

The area is also quietly critical in the ongoing manipulation of the war including activity from Turkey and Israel. Black market oil is said to be smuggled out of the region into Turkey near Hatay and ISIS is usually involved. The cross-border traffic of fighters and weapons is also significant enough that it drew American reporter Serena Shim to the region, why Turkish intelligence publicly marked her as a spy. Shim was killed in a suspicious car crash in October 2014, days after reporting on live television that rebels were crossing into Syria using “World Food Organziation” vehicles.



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