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Google has cut the revenue stream to another independent media source, de-monetizing content on the WeAreChange AdSense account as reported Tuesday.

WRC staff noticed a large drop in Youtube activity compared to the website and other platforms. When investigating further they discovered that many videos, and most of the new ones, had been “de-monetized with no explanation at all” according to the report.

The incident follows last week’s shock announcement from Antiwar.com that their AdSense account was disabled in a similar decision, with no explanation. The problem may only be temporary for WeAreChange as it seems Google backed off Antiwar as more “significant” independent media Gawker reported on the blackout.

WTF News has also been banned from AdSense with Google is in bed with the NSA and rumors extend to CIA links also in the sense that the system is a tool of the global security state, which is open to manipulation by questionable parties. The Google-Youtube complex has been consistently accused of mimicking the propaganda lines of the White House under Barack Obama over the past 6 years.

The irony is stark in consideration that it was widely reported that Google aims to be the source of truth on the web by optimizing its system to favor links it considers to be the most factual. The Washington Post has the funniest (in a childishly naive way) explanations.

In a video called “How Google Adsense Is Censoring WeAreChange and Independent Media”, founder Luke Rudkowski describes the details of active manipulation that few people have experienced or witnessed.


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