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A healthcare worker under monitoring for the Ebola virus having recently returned from Africa, collapsed while out jogging from what is officially being called a ‘cardiac issue’ and not indicative of the disease. The patient, who was not identified as male or female, was allowed to jog in public on the 15th day of quarantine in compliance with monitoring procedures.

WOWT 6 Nebraska
WOWT 6 Nebraska

Hospital officials are adamant that the person has tested negative again for the virus.

WOWT 6 Omaha (NE)
“It is important for everyone to understand this patient does not have Ebola,” accDr. Phil Smith, medical director of the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit. “Out of an abundance of caution, we ran an Ebola test immediately after the patient was admitted on Saturday. That test came back negative. There is no risk to hospital staff, patients, those assisting at the scene or the public.”

The five patients were exposed to Ebola in Sierra Leone when one of their colleagues became ill with the deadly virus.

“These five patients are being monitored twice daily for the possibility of Ebola symptoms, which have never developed,” said Dr. Adi Pour, director of the Douglas County Health Department. “From the beginning, we have been following the monitoring guidelines put in place by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. All five patients are still not an infection risk.”

According to a Nebraska Medicine Spokesperson, “If a person still has no signs or symptoms of Ebola after day 14 of their 21 day monitoring period, they are allowed to have ‘controlled movement,’ which means they can go for a walk or jog, but can’t congregate in public places or take public transportation.

Why report on another negative test?

The incident is defined by similar circumstances to “Ebola Nurse” Kaci Hickox who refused to be quarantined after returning from Africa in October 2014. This person was not fighting quarantine measures but it parallels the debate on what level of monitoring is appropriate for the full 21 day watch period.

WOWT noted that many in the area were angry at the news, questioning why the patient was allowed to run in public.

It was also reported that the person was given CPR by people on the street who saw the incident until emergency medical responders arrived.

While not debating the danger of contagion in this particular instance, is it reasonable for members of the local Omaha community to be upset about this possible incident?


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