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**UPDATE**: Closed California Walmart Built On Former Military Industrial Complex Site

In the context of the controversy over strange Walmart related events, a curious tip was sent to WTF News. Denver metro area Wal-Marts are “no longer open past Midnight” as part of “a test in certain markets”, according to various reports.

After contacting multiple stores at random in the Denver area looking to purchase something just after 12:00am, WTF News was told by employees that the store had just closed. The next logical question was which open store was closest to the downtown area and most of the employees could not tell us. While progressing, some other stores were open only until 1 or 2 am and slated to close earlier in the coming days. Eventually, one caller for WTF News was hung up on at a store in Castle Rock, a town defined by its hour-long commute north to Denver jobs.

During another phone call, an employee noted their store was one of the first to begin the new policy beginning the prior Monday, April 14. The same employee speculated the policy was going to be announced nationally regardless of the “trial” period. Some stores noted they were opening at various times between 5 and 8:00am and closing around the midnight hour. All stores noted the changes were within the last week.

If this is happening as people are kicked off food stamps and unemployment, what else is unknown? As is often said, “As Goes Wal-Mart; So Goes America“, right? The global financial markets are probaby under the most intense pressure since the worst of the 2008 financial crisis, as evidenced by this week’s market outage which led to large losses around the world in most major markets. Is this a sign that Walmart understands things are about to get a lot worse? Here are some more key events leading up to the recent mysteries.

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