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The propaganda is seemingly endless as it was reported that a shooting took place in Garland, Texas at an “anti-Islam” event where cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad were being displayed As Zero Hedge reported, there are some claims made that the shooters say they are aligned with ISIS.

Yesterday, around 7 pm, dozens of people were at a contest hosted by New York-based American freedom Defense Initiative at the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland, Texas when police said two men pulled up in a vehicle and shot a Garland Independent School District Security guard in the ankle at about 7 p.m. The men were then shot and killed by Garland police.

The incident occurred as the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland hosted a
controversial art event put on by New York-based American freedom
Defense Initiative featuring cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.

Police officers address attendees at the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest after they are prevented from leaving when it was reported that shots were fired and a man is down in Garland, Texas May 3, 2015.

A police officer prevents attendees from leaving the Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest after shots were fired outside the venue in Garland, Texas May 3, 2015.

However, as the recent massacre at the Paris Charlie Hebdo offices showed, such drawings are deemed insulting to many followers of Islam and have sparked violence around the world. According to mainstream Islamic tradition, any physical depiction of the Prophet Muhammad is considered blasphemous.

According to NBCDFW, “Texas officials are actively investigating to determine the cause and scope of the senseless attack,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott said in a statement. “This is a crime that was quickly ended thanks to the swift action by Garland law enforcement.”

The security guard, 58-year-old Bruce Joiner, was treated released from a hospital nearly two hours later, police said.

“Our thoughts and prayers remain with all those affected tonight,” Abbott said.

As NBC further reports, fears of an “incendiary device” inside the suspects’ vehicle prompted an investigation by a bomb squad unit and the evacuation of nearby businesses. Police are currently using robotic detection equipment to search the vehicle. No device has been found as of this writing.


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